Who Am I?

Hi! My name is Kyle Knoll, born 1988 in Katy, Texas. Current Residence: Spring, Texas. Married to Shelby Knoll, established May 2104. 0 kids to date, 1 lab-mix male dog named Malakai. Currently, I work for Lone Star College in Houston, TX as the Rec Sports & Wellness Coordinator (5/14). I am educating and training myself to become a certified teacher/coach in the public/private school system (est. 8/2017).

I believe and have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, my Lord and Savior. My personal faith trumps all other feeling, thoughts, emotions and actions. I do struggle with often, as I am a sinner; however, I have asked for the forgiveness of my sins. The joy of the Lord overwhelms and I wish to use that joy to do the Lord’s work. Love thy neighbor. We are all children of the Lord. Proverbs 27:17

My family life is important and vital to my happiness and success. I love my wife dearly, as she is beautiful, loving, caring, passionate, driven and faithful partner. I am looking forward to being a father one day. The love and joy my dad portrayed for me is fuel for my fire to being a great father. My dad, mom and brother are my best friends and I love each one of them. The rest of my immediate family and in-laws are a part of me as my big heart prays for and loves them daily with great emotion.

The Barbell Life or #Squatlife, as I have adopted from my fitness mentors, is a daily factor in my life. As a child growing up in the wide open country, being active was 2nd nature. I grew up outside playing sports, exploring the countryside, riding ATV’s and cultivating the land (early childhood my grandparents were ranchers and I would help out). Lifting weights became a habit once I hit middle school, although my fascination with weights began years earlier. My father has always been a gym rat and due to his love for weights I got my start on them as well. Since then I have not been able to set down a barbell, making a combination of bodybuilding, Olympic lifting, powerlifting and Crossfit a passion and hobby of mine.

Education and the continued pursuit of knowledge is vital to one’s success in life. A curious mind is successful mind. I went college and came away with two degrees, Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology and Master’s of Science in Human Performance. I learned a great deal of knowledge and was able to grow a network or friends and colleagues in college. However, my education did not end there. Knowledge is infinite, therefore, my goal is to learn something new everyday. My focus is on fitness related knowledge, however, my pursuit of knowledge is across all facets of life. I believe it is worth more to know a little about plenty of things rather than specialize in a few things.


I want to provide my family with a fulfilling and enriched life for generations to come and be the most impactful person I can be by what I can accomplish in this life through positive relationships and building a wealth of knowledge.


  1. Faith/God/Biblical Living
  2. Family
  3. Healthy Mind & Body
  4. Education & Knowledge
  5. Service, Giving Back
  6. Honesty & Integrity – man of my word + not fearing speaking my mind (consistency).

N.U.T.S. (Non-negotiable, Unaltered Terms)

  1. I live in accordance to the Gospel of Jesus Christ everyday and practice spirituality daily.
  2. I am faithful and committed to my wife and compassion for my family trumps my need to be right.
  3. I will exercise daily and provide myself the proper nutrition to live a healthy and active lifestyle.
  4. I am a man of my word and will speak my mind in spite of fear of confrontation.
  5. I will consistently pursue knowledge and education and return that knowledge to others through leadership and service giving.
  6. I will maintain consistent contact with family and friends and continue to pursue my interests and hobbies throughout my lifespan.



  1. Read literature daily (Bible, books, artilces)
  2. Quality time w/ Shelby
  3. #Squatlife

< 1 year *2017*:

  1. Obtain position as teacher/coach in local school district [1 cert. down, 1 in progress, applications out]
  2. Powerlifting total of min. 1000lbs (squat, bench, deadlift) [315/225/385 last count] *2017 goal is Squat 350, Front Squat – 300, Deadlift – 405, Sumo DL – 455, Bench – 285, Press – 185* (squat 315, FS 265, DL 320, Sumo 385, bench 205, press 155)
  3. Snatch + Clean & Jerk 300lbs. combined [95/165 last count] *2017 goal is Clean – 205, Snatch – 95 (I hang snatched 95 on 1/27/17)*
  4. *Mile Run – sub 6:00 min.*
  5. Crossfit Level 1 [$$]
  6. *Save $5000 while paying off $8000 in debt*
  7. *Start a Family*
  8. *Renew NSCA CSCS*
  9. *Read 20 books* [Audible – 2; Print – 6]
    • The School of Greatness by Lewis Howes (audible)
    • The Obstacle is the Way by Ryan Holiday (audible)
    • The Compound Effect by Darren Hardy (print)
    • i: A Guide for Young Entrepreneurs by Adrian Clark (print)
    • The Richest Man in Babylon by George S. Clason (print)
    • Meet Your Strawman: And Whatever Else You Want to Know by David Robinson (print)
    • Common Law Handbook for Juror’s, Sheriff’s, Bailiffs’s, and Justices by David Robinson (print)
    • The UCC Connection: How to Free Yourself From Legal Tyranny by David Robinson (print)

+ 1 year:

  1. USA weightlifing Cert
  2. Strength Coach at Public/Private school or indepently
  3. Online training/coaching/vlogging/teaching
  4. Own a gym
  5. Invest in real estate and stock market
  6. Retire by 40 (unless own a business where i can be a family man and balance work with family)


  1. 1000lb powerlifting club
  2. Snatch, C&J 300# total
  3. Entrepreneur: Gym
  4. Country property w/ house, barn, livestock
  5. Travel across Europe
  6. ATV trips to U.S. destinations with family
  7. Start a podcast
  8. Board of elders member at church
  9. Obtain a local/city/state/federal political position
  10. Free climb Mount Kilimanjaro, Temple or Whitney (or some other mountain)