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Recap of the Last Several Days

The following posts will include, to the best of my memory, the last 6 days including today of my life. Exciting things are happening which is partially why I got behind on my daily routines. I am also going to include only a daily devotional that is short versus my daily reading.

Thursday May 18:
Workout: joined my class at work for the sports conditioning class I teach

Nutrition: I know I had pizza at the meeting I was at for several hours (provided by host)

Daily Agenda: I had an interview at 8 am for a PE teacher job, located about 50 minutes from my house. It was with a committee of teachers and admins. From there I drove another hour to my meeting in SE Houston. The meeting was for representatives of each school that participates in GCIC Sports day events. I then drove about another 50 minutes to work to finish off my work day. In all, I basically encompassed the entire Houston are from the Beltway around.

Daily Devotion: 10 Commandments to Financial Healing

  • Commandment 3 – Let your budget inspire you
    • Budget – listing of expected income and expenses for a period of time
    • Budget before spending – Luke 14:28-30
    • Get Inspired – visionary budget, put your thoughts on paper and see how your vision came to pass; determines where you are headed; inspiration to keep pressing knowing i will obtain victory; constant reminder to understand small sacrifices will provide big rewards in the future

Friday May 19:

Workout: Front squat and Deadlift speed day 5 x 2 reps each at 65%. Did a WOD I do not remember off the top of my head.

Nutrition: do not remember exactly although I maintained my IF hours

Daily Agenda: I received a second interview with the principals at the school for the PE job. It went well and I believe it has promise. I visited my dad for a while to swap out on some accessory items for the wardrobe. I spend the rest of the day cleaning the house and organizing around the garage and other areas. Finally got my haircut.

Daily Devotion: 10 Commandments to Financial Healing

  • Commandment 4 – Be Prepared for What Tomorrow Brings
    • Commit to preparing yourself financially for the unexpected
    • Use Wisdom
      • We can ask God for wisdom and He will generously provide it to us
      • We must also be wise with every dollar that we encounter
    • Prepare Yourself
      • consequences of being unprepared

Saturday May 20:

Workout: rest day, although I spent two hours doing yard work. It included mowing and trimming trees and shrubs.

Nutrition: it all went to hell on Saturday, although it was slightly my cheat day.

Daily Agenda: Yard work. We went to Kat’s birthday party (Ryan’s daughter). Shelby’s friend Kortney came to visit. The girls went to hang out with some other friends. I met up with my friend Josue. We went to two different breweries. The ladies met us later on that evening. Somehow we decided to go back to my house and play beer pong. Terrible idea if you ask me. I stayed up late, but did not get too tipsy. I was more tired the next day than anything else.

Daily Devotion: 10 Commandments of Financial Healing

  • Commandment 5 – Be the Leader and not a Borrower
    • Believe you will obtain God’s goodness as it relates to your debt
    • How To Do It
      • create a debt reduction template with all loans and credits
      • divide up how much it will take to pay each one off in a given time period; or use the snowball effect
      • be creative to earn more money
    • Keep Going
      • keep the plan with you and stay the course

Sunday May 21:

Workout: rest day

Nutrition: ate decent for the most part; tried to finish up the food we had made already.

Daily Agenda: rest, rest, make food, rest; such a waste of a day. I’m getting too old to stay up late

Daily Devotion: 10 Commandments to Financial Healing

  • Commandment 6 – Don’t Hide Your Money in a Napkin
    • God will ask what we did with our time, possessions and resources
    • Be Faithful Over Little
      • God requires us to be good stewards over all that He has placed in our care
      • our responsibility to ensure our gifts, talents and more importantly, our money grows
      • Investing

Monday May 22: 

Workout: (PM)

  • Back Squat: 170 x 4; 200 x 4; 215 x 4; 240 x 4
  • Sumo Deadlift: 215 x 4; 245 x 4; 260 x 4; 295 x 4
  • Superset x 4: Pullups x 8-10 & Incline Bench x 12 (85#)
  • Superset x 4: V-grip pullups x 8-10 & Bench press x 12 (95#)
  • Superset x 3: Dips x 10 & DB pullovers x 12 (50#)
  • superset x 2: Cable Crossover x 15 & Pushups x 12
  • Lunges: quickly 3 minutes


  • turkey, veggies, avocado
  • banana, protein muffins
  • eggs, oats, and veggies

Daily Agenda:

  • Work – admin related stuff and meet with colleagues
  • PE job – received recommendation for position and began working on the hiring process and applying for Probationary certificate

Daily Devotion: 10 Commandments to Financial Healing\

  • Commandment 7 – Let your Finances be Decent and in Order
    • Organize, Be in Order
    • Create a System
      • bill pay schedule
    • Establish a Financial Home
      • each financial document that comes into your home, find a place for it
    • Prepare a Bill Calendar or Go Auto
      • better manage your bills
    • 1 Corinthians 14:40 – Let all things be done decently and in order

Tuesday May 23:

Wake Up: 430 am


  • Strict press: 75 x 4, 87.5 x 4, 95 x 4, 107.5 x 4
  • Superset x 4: Alt DB Curls x 12, Alt DB Hammer Curls x 12, DB Skulls Elbow Out x 12, DB Skulls Elbow In x 12…all with 15# DB
  • Superset x 2: Barbell Curl x 10 + dropset + dropset to failure & Banded pressdown with green band to red band drop
  • WOD 3RFT of 15 Thrusters & 15 SDLHP at 75lbs. = 5:52

Nutrition (IF; thoughts are I may rotate days of IF and normal feeding due to weight being down more than normal on IF…usually I lose about 2lbs and lean out)

  • Beef, veggies, avocado
  • All energy trail mix by Kar’s
  • Hot Dogs w/ chili and salad mix; cashews
  • Trail mix of sorts
  • eggs, oats w/ cacoa nibs, honey, ginger; Brussels sprouts


  • still waiting on book


  • Business & Biceps Podcast EP48: ”The Original Hustle”
  • End of Three Fitness Betterhumanology Podcast: Everything you need to know about blood flow restriction training
  • Order of Man Podcast EP114: The Ranger Way w/ Kris “Tanto” Paronto

Daily Agenda:

  • Prepared food
  • Dry cleaners – update to my wardrobe finally
  • Work – working on 17/18 academic activities calendar planning, tidying up gym

Daily Devotion: 10 Commandments to Financial Healing

  • Commandment 8 – Be Faithful Over a Little
    • Faithfulness Creates Fruitfulness
      • real financial healing takes place when you learn how to take care of the little that God has blessed you with already
    • Consider Your Ways
      • we may earn much and have little to show for it
      • earn much and spend it as such
    • Learn to Live on Less
      • 1/3 for housing expenses
      • 1/3 for debt and discretionary expenses
      • 1/3 for both saving and tithing

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