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May 15: Weekend Recap + Looking Forward

Saturday May 13: Frugal Shopping & Wedding

Wake Up:

  • 6:45am


  • Press: EMOM x 2 reps x 15 minutes at 97.5 lbs. + 6 reps on last reps Money Maker
  • Superset: single leg deadlift + single arm press 4 x 6 reps
  • Superset: HSPU + single leg lateral box stepups 4 x 6 reps
  • 8 minute AMRAP = 10 KBS + 10 burpees = 9 rounds


  • Eggs, oats
  • Japanese food – chicken, veggies, noodles
  • Chicken and veggies
  • Snack and drink at wedding
  • Bacon, egg tacos

Daily Devotion:

Will be caught up on Monday

What I Am Reading:

What I Am Listening To:

Daily Agenda

  • Shelby and I went bargain/ thrift store shopping for clothes, mostly for myself because I recently tossed out a bunch of clothes I either did not wear or like. It left me without much in the way of casual clothes.
    • We visited 3 stores and came away with quite a bit of good clothing. The stores we Ross, Family Thrift and Plato’s Closet.
    • We also stopped by JC Penny to see if they were having any sales, but the one thing I found was still quite expensive for this trip
    • I purchased a pair of grey canvas sneakers, pair of tan chinos, one golf polo, 3 pairs of dress socks and two pairs of shorts.
    • I previously had none of the above minus golf polo and pair of shorts (although the colors are different so that is a positive)
  • Shelby and I attended a wedding for one of her co-workers on Saturday night. We ate, we drank, we danced and then we left.


Sunday May 14: Happy Mother’s Day, Church, Food Prep, NBA Action, Clean Truck

Wake-Up: 7:00 am

Train: Rest Day


  • Eggs and oats for breakfast
  • Cheddar’s for lunch – salmon, rice and veggies
  • I munched the rest of the day on random foods

Daily Devotion

  • Will resume on Monday

What I Am Reading:

What I Am Listening To:

Daily Agenda:

  • Church – Happy Mother’s Day: we were not able to spend the day with our mother’s because they live far enough it would have to have been planned in advance.
  • Prepare food for the week
  • Clean out truck – so much dog hair
  • Clean tools


Monday May 15: Work and I hope to study


  • 4:30 am


  • Front squat: single up to 215
  • Deadlift: single up to 295
  • Pullup + Pushup superset x 3: 15/30, 9/20, 6/12
  • WOD: “Karen” : 150 wall ball shots = 6:32


  • Eggs, oats w/ cacoa nibs, honey, cinnamon
  • Breaded fish, veggies, seeds
  • Turkey, veggies, avocado
  • Turkey, veggies, sweet potato; salad

Daily Devotion:

  • Bible in 1 Year Series:
    • Jesus Always Delivers
      1. Psalm 56:1-13. Trust God to deliver you
        • There are times in life when we come under attack, both spiritually and from other people
        • Trust in God to deliver you
      2. John 4:27-42. Testify about the Savior
        • Every Christian has a testimony. The most powerful way of passing on the message of Jesus it to tell people your story
        • Nothing is more satisfying than doing God’s will
        • We reap what others have sown. We must now sow so that others can reap
      3. Judges 2:6-3:31. Thank God for leaders who deliver
        • Disobedience – another generation grew up, who knew neither the Lord nor what he had done; they followed and worshipped other gods
        • Disaster – God’s response was to allow disaster, so that they would turn back to him
        • Distress
        • Deliverance – the Lord raised up judges ‘who saved them’
        • Jesus is the great deliverer
        • The Holy Spirit now lives within you. He gives you power and wisdom so that you too can make a difference with your life
  • Pray God-Sized Prayer
    1. Psalm 57:1-6. Pray for mercy
      • Prayer for forgiveness through Jesus
      • God has a purpose for your life, respond to God’s call and obey him
    2. John 4:43-5:15. Pray for healing
      • Healing for others
      • Healing for ourselves- God has chosen the weak and the foolish of the world in order to confound the wise
      • Reject self pity, actively look to God and do what he instructs you to do, you can have a great life
    3. Judges 4:1-5:31. Prayer for leadership.
      • Active leaders
      • God chooses use and promote those who know they are nothing without him and who give him the glory and the credit for all their accomplishments
      • Give glory to God for your success
  • Twelve Keys to Being Useful to God
    1. Psalm 57:7-11. Know that you are loved
      • God uses you because he loves you
    2. Worship the Lord whatever
      • Respond to the experience of God’s love by worshipping him every gift that you have – not just privately but also in public – not just when you feel like it but ‘steadfastly’ – difficult times as well
    3. Honor God in your life
    4. John 5:16-30. Do what ‘the Father’ is doing
      • Rather than initiating your own plans and asking God to bless them, try to see what God’s plan are and join in
    5. Listen to God
    6. Do all the good you can
      • The evidence of a life of faith is a life of doing good
    7. Seek to please God
    8. Judges 6:1-7:8. Cry out to the Lord for help
    9. Know that God is with you
      • Jesus has promised that he will be with you always
    10. Know your weaknesses
      • God works through our weaknesses better than through our strengths
    11. Obey God fearlessly
      • ‘when fear knocks on your door, let faith answer’
    12. Be God-confident
  • We do not need large numbers to see a nation transformed but we do need the power of the Holy Spirit

What Am I Reading:

What Am I Listening To:

  • Business & Biceps Podcast E:47: ‘The Current State of the Union, Quit expecting easy & customer relationships’

Daily Agenda:

  • Work: Clean the Rec Center
  • Finances – budget up to date and double check debt; plan out the rest of the month based on current budget standing
  • Yard work

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