Daily Blogs

May 8

Wake Up:

  • Friday – 4:45am


  • Front squat: 190 x 2, 215 x 2, 227.5 x 1, 237.5 x 1
  • Deadlift: 270 x 2, 302.5 x 2, 320 x 1, 337.5 x 1
  • Barbell good morning: 4 x 6 at 105
  • Barbell row: 4 x 6 at 105
  • Ab rollout: 4 x 8
  • Lunge: 5 min.


  • Egg, oats, cacoa nibs, honey, cinnamon
  • Chicken, green beans, seeds
  • chicken, broccoli, seeds
  • Chicken & tuna salad

Daily Devotion:

  • Bible in 1 Year Series
    • It’s Already Yours (day 120)
      1. Proverbs 10:31-11:8. The gift of righteousness
        • Righteousness means right relationships with God and other people
        • We receive this gift of righteousness from God as a gift by faith, but we have to take possession of it. We have to live it out.
        • Wisdom – the speech of a good person clears the air, the words of the wicked pollute it
        • Humility – the stuck-up fall flat on their faces, but the down to earth people stand firm
        • Integrity – a principled life can stand up to the worst
        • Character – moral character makes for smooth travelling, good character is the best insurance
      2. John 1:29-51. The gifts of the Holy Spirit
        • Lamb of God – as you come to Jesus, he takes away your sins; claim, trust, believe in the forgiveness bought for you; actively reject feelings of guilt, shame or unworthiness
        • Spirit baptizer – Jesus fills you with the Holy Spirit
        • Follow Jesus, point others to him
      3. Joshua 17:1-18:28. The gift of inheritance
        • You may have given your life to Jesus, but have you allowed him to possess every aspect of your life – finances, work, prayer life, friends and family
        • Take possession of the gifts Jesus has given to you

What I Am Reading:

What I Am Listening To:

  • End of 3 Fitness “Better Humanology” Podcast S2 E44: Elite programming, CrossFit, and shifting perspective w/ Michael Fitzgerald
  • Business & Biceps Podcast Ep 46: John & Cory discuss their business mentors, tell shocking stories about them & much more

Daily Agenda

  • Finish unpacking from yesterday
  • Prepare food for today and tomorrow…real quick
  • Work: early event and then the rest of the day

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