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Weekend Recap (May 5-7): Family visit, Golf, Traveling, Strongman

Shelby and I traveled out of town this past weekend (Friday – Sunday) to visit her parents in Commanche, TX. We both took of work Friday in order to spend more time there (5 hour drive). The main reason for our trip was a golf tournament Shelby and her dad signed up to play. It was two day tournament (M/F teams) in which they played well (-12), but did not come away on top of the leader board. I spent my time building atlas stones out of concrete and molds that Shelby’s brother Chris had on hand. In all, I believe it took me about 6 hours to complete the molds from start to finish. Shelby’s mother and I played golf on Saturday at a different course to burn time while they played in the tournament. All in all, it was a good weekend with lots of activities completed. We did not get home until around 10 pm Sunday night though, which left no opportunity to prepare ourselves for this week.

Below are the Atlas Stones: they look bigger than the pictures reveal them to be; weight = 90lbs, 110lbs, 130lbs.


Wake Up:

  • Friday – 4:45am
  • Saturday – 6:30am
  • Sunday – 7:00am


  • Friday: Front squat EMOM x 3 reps for 12 minutes at 167.5; same for deadlift at 235; conditioning was mixing concrete and building 3 atlas stones for 3 hours on Friday afternoon
  • Saturday: Strict press EMOM x 3 reps for 12 minutes at 85lbs.; 4 x 8 superset each leg/arm at 35lbs of single leg deadlift and single arm KB press; 4 x 8 single leg lateral box stepups with 20# and 4 x max reps of pullups + 12-20 pushups; 2 laps farmers carry bars w/ 70lb each x 220m + single are overhead KB farmer carry w/ 45lb. for 30 yds.


  • N/A

Daily Devotion:

  • Bible in 1 Year Series
    • Live Life of Victory
      1. Psalm 51:10-19. Receive the benefits of his victory
        • When we sin we do not lose our salvation but we may lose the joy of salvation
        • Prayer from David:
          • “Lord, I pray for a pure heart, a persevering spirit, the presence of God, the power of the Spirit and the pleasure of salvation to be restored to me”
  1. Luke 24:1-35. Recognize Jesus and his victory
    • Jesus’ body was absent – why do you look for the living among the dead? He is not here, he has risen!; death is not cancelled but it is definitively conquered
    • Jesus himself was present – Jesus reveals himself through the Scriptures; he reveals himself through the sacrament – Holy Communion
  2. Joshua 11:1-12:24. Reflect the victory of Jesus
    • It is Jesus alone who brings complete victory
  • It’s Not Over
    1. Psalm 52:1-9. It is never over for a visionary
      • If you have vision, you will always be able to say, “it’s not over.”
      • Trust in God’s love – will never fail
      • Praise God’s deeds – until God opens the door, praise him the hallway
      • Hope in God’s name – with God, however bad your circumstances look, it is not over
    2. Luke 24:36-53. It is not over for Jesus
      • He is here and present today
      • Try to read the Old Testament scriptures through the lens of Jesus
      • We have the task of telling all nations about Jesus – speaking about repentance and forgiveness of sins
    3. Joshua 13:1-14:15. It is never over for those who ‘finish well’
      • Finish well, not to lose your first love but to keep your eyes on Jesus
      • Inward strength of the Holy Spirit – to finish well and fulfil your agenda to seek the fulfilment of Jesus’ agenda
  • The Battle Today is Around Jesus
    1. Psalm 53:1-6. There is no one like Jesus
      • Jesus was unique in his complete goodness
      • Humanity needs a savior because we are not good, we are not righteous
    2. John 1:1-28. Jesus is the one and only
      • Unique Word of God – unknowable meaning and purpose behind the universe; ‘the Word became flesh and blood, and moved into the neighborhood’ The word was God. Jesus was and is God
      • Unique Creator of all – everything was created through him and for him (Jesus)
      • Unique light of the world – light is the synonym of goodness and truth; light is stronger than darkness
      • Unique transformer of lives – as you receive Jesus into your life, so God receives you into his own family. Children of God
      • Unique revelation of God – Jesus is revealed in the Old Testament
    3. Joshua 15:1-16:10. Jesus is the unique savior
      • Salvation, the greatest blessing of all, comes to us by grace as a gift, yet we still have to receive it and take hold of it for ourselves by faith

What I Am Reading:

What I Am Listening To:

Daily Agenda

  • Friday = lift, travel to Shelby’s parents (about 5 hours), build atlas stones at her brother’s CrossFit gym, dinner w/ family
  • Saturday = CrossFit gym workout in AM, Shelby and her dad played in a golf tournament; her mom and I played a round of golf at different course, dinner w/ family
  • Sunday = Shelby and her dad played in a golf tournament, I finished building the atlas stones, travel back home

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