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Day 3 AOM Challenge: Find Mentors

Mentor’s have the experience and wisdom to provide guidance, direction and advice. A mentor can help to expand our point of view on a particular area of our life. More importantly, a mentor can be a good friend that you can lean on and seek out in times of despair or failure.


The goal of the challenge is to find 3 mentors that can help you in a certain area of your life or benefit your entire life. These mentors can be anyone. Reach out to them and let me know that you think they are someone you admire and look up to. Ask them if they would mentor you in becoming a better man.

Before I begin on listing my mentors, I’d like to point out that I have in past reached out to these other men for help occasionally at the very least. They are all aware that I view them as a mentor. In fact, they are much more than mentors to me. I am lucky to have great family members in my life, in which all three are related to me in some form or fashion. Besides that, I would still like to find more mentors in other areas of my life and outside of my current circle. I am keeping a watchful eye for other men around me. I do have some guys that I follow and enjoy learning from via social media. Although I have not personally communicated to them on a one-vs-one basis, I still have interacted with some of them at times.

My Three Mentors:

  1. My father
    • Rough around the edges and a difficult man to communicate with at times, my dad is and always will be the most important mentor in my life. I am blessed to have such a wonderful and loving father. One that I have learned so much from. He taught me discipline, work ethic, respect and how to make it in this life. Indirectly, he led me into the church life and my relationship Jesus Christ. He provided my brother and I with a wonderful childhood that I will forever be grateful for. In fact, the things we did and learned are a part of me so deep that I will more than likely carry on that experience with my children. My dad taught me how to take care of myself. He also taught me how to take care of others. The most important contributions my dad gave to me is my passion for exercise, health, fitness and sports; and for being and becoming a MAN. I am the man I am today in part because of my father. I may not be an exact spitting image of him, but I acquired many of his qualities…both good and bad. Still today I continue to ask my dad for advice and look to him in times of trouble.
  2. My Uncle Richard
    • Uncle Richard, as many people have come to call him, is an outstanding, all-around good-hearted person. If there was only one person in this world that anybody could choose to model themselves after, it would 100% be him. He has helped me out more than I could ever thank him for. In fact, he probably mentors me in ways in which he does not know (indirectly, just following his actions is beneficial). Uncle Richard has created a successful life for himself and his family, but more importantly is how he did and what he is able to do because of it. He did so by working hard and smart. He did so by following the rules of play and building respectful relationships along the way. Moreover, he always gave back. He has a big heart and is willing to go to great lengths to help others. He is humble, yet tough when he needs to be. Uncle Richard is a great man.
  3. My brother-n-law Chris
    • My wife’s brother Chris is a mentor that I trust in due to his life and how I would like to mirror mine similar to his. I relate to him because he is younger than my dad and uncle, although he is still 10 years my senior. Chris is a man of God. He is great husband and father. He created a life for himself and his family that I would like to model after. He is smart, resourceful and giving. I look forward to learning from him for a long time to come.

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