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Day 2 AOM Challnege: Boot/Shoe Shine


Day 2 of the Art of Manliness 30 Days to a Better Man (found at Art of Manliness website) is shine and polish your shoes.

For some reason, we have a fascination with shoes when it comes to fashion. Obviously, from the picture above I love boots (a nice pair to boot as well). Shoes may not be the first thing people see or notice about other people, but shoes do matter. A nice pair of shoes or boots can spruce up an average shirt and pant combination. Inversely, a poor choice or dirty looking pair of shoes can make a great outfit look worse.

Moral of the story is…I like my boots/shoes shined up nice myself. People notice what is on your feet. I fancy a nice pair of boots when I see them. I also chuckle a little when I see someone wearing a pair of shoes that do not match or go with an outfit, especially in a more formal setting. So yes, people do notice your shoes and the better they look the better you look. Plus, there’s something about having a shined up pair of boots or shoes that invokes confidence in me. I just feel better knowing my boots look good!

^Picture above is my collection of boots and one pair of oxfords. The oxfords were cheap because I needed them for a wedding and did not have any at the time. By putting a shine on them they almost look slightly new and not so cheap. The two pair of boots in the front row (Lucchese black gators & Lucchese brown/tan ostrich) are my more expensive and special occasions boots. I keep them in pretty good condition. The two in the back are hand-me-downs from my father. Not sure of the brand due to being worn, but they are both lizard prints. I use those when I know there is a high chance of getting stepped on in crowds or in the case of inclement weather.

*P.S. I am a born and raised Texan so I prefer boots over oxfords/loafers in any situation. I had a pair of cowboy boots vs the dress style cowboy boots pictured above as well, but I lost one of the heels on the boot after riding ATV’s.


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