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1,000,000 Pound Challenge


Borrowed from End of Three Fitness, I have decided to take on my own version of the 1,000,000 pound challenge. The framework is simple. Accumulate over 1,000,000 pounds lifted between different exercises. End goal: be stronger than when I first started.

This is a fun and exciting challenge. It is a way to track numbers, stats and percentages…if you are in to that kind of stuff. Plus, lifting a million pounds looks and sounds cool.

Parameters for my success:

  • The Big 3 Lifts…and their different variations: Squat, Press, Deadlift
  • Combination of: back squat, front squat, overhead strict press, bench press, conventional deadlift and sumo deadlift
  • Weight is only accumulated during actual working sets; warm-up sets and any other volume does not count toward the 1,000,000 pounds challenge
  • Program for working sets is as follows: 4 Max effort style working sets at given % and reps, that increase weekly for three weeks before deloading for a fourth week; EMOM sets that coincide with each weeks working sets; Money-maker reps/sets: any extra reps that I can push out on the last working set of each method

Starting Strength: All were tested within last 2 months at Max Effort other than Sumo Deadlift (Aug. 2016); *note (bench press should increase due to shoulder healing)

  • Back Squat: 315
  • Front Squat: 265
  • Conventional Deadlift: 375
  • Sumo Deadlift: 385
  • Strict Press: 135
  • Bench Press: 225

End Goals for Year 2017:

  • Back Squat: 350
  • Front Squat: 300
  • Conventional Deadlift: 405
  • Sumo Deadlift: 455
  • Strict Press: 165
  • Bench Press: 285

Breakdown of Weekly Accumulation:

  • Week 1 Working sets + reps: 14 * 4
  • Week 2 Working sets + reps: 16 * 3
  • Week 3 Workings sets + reps: 17 * 2; 2 * 1
  • Week 4 Deload Week: Working sets will not be counted as I will reduce intensity & volume some, but keep the lifts going in a smooth fashion
  • After week 4, goal is to increase % across all weeks dependent on they feel


  • As of 5/4/2017 I am currently in week 2 of cycle 1
  • I will update progress after every cycle to show my current total weight accumulation





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