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Define Your Core Values

What is the importance of a core value?

Simple. It gives your life purpose. Values keep you from drifting along in life. Having a set of clearly defined core values allows you to base your every decision on an eternal compass. Rather than try to fulfill other people’s expectations due to social pressures and various circumstances, your core values ensure the choices you make everyday bring you purpose, direction, happiness and wholeness.

Core values prevent you from making bad choices. They provide confidence in decision making. The values you place favor upon make life simpler. Instead of distressing over what is the best decision to make under any circumstance, your core values will guide you like a compass.

The core values of a person are the dictating principles of action and behavior. They help to differentiate between right and wrong. They are the fundamental beliefs of a person.

If you are not sure what guides you or have not clearly defined your core values, something often overlooked and assumed; take the time today and write out your core values. These values are what you stand upon, they are your guiding light in this world. Do not get too carried away with several core values. Often many can be overlapped and too vague. Keep it to no more than (5) core values. Below are my core values.


  1. God/Faith
    • My number one priority in this life is my relationship with my Creator. The decisions I strive to make are influenced by the teachings of Jesus. My ultimate reason for living is to serve the Lord, to come to know my God and build a relationship with the Almighty.
    • John 14:6 Jesus says, Β β€œI am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.”
    • John 3:16 “For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.”
    • Mark 16:16 “Whoever believes and is baptized will be saved, but whoever does not believe will be condemned.”
  2. Family
    • My family is important to me in many ways. After my God, my family is the next priority in my life.
    • I love my wife dearly and long to build a family with her in which I will love, care for and provide for them. I aim for the best possible marriage and to be the best father to my children (one day).
    • I love my parents and my brother dearly. I honor my parents and look to for support. My brother is my best friend. I would go the lengths of the world for him.
    • My extended family is important to me as well. I have always chose to spend time with my family if possible rather than my friends or pursue my own interests.
  3. Health
    • In this life we are only given one body and one life. It is important to me to take care of my body, both internally and externally. I love exercise, especially weightlifting.
    • My commitment to myself is to exercise daily. In fact, exercise is my passion in life. It weighs heavily on my daily routines and objectives. It is my way to influence others.
    • Nutrition is important as well. I do not eat for pleasure, rather I eat for functionality. I limit myself on the bad foods and pleasures of eating and drinking. I pay close attention to my environment and how I interact within it.
  4. Knowledge/Wisdom
    • I seek knowledge and wisdom. It is important to gain knowledge and acquire wisdom. Both take time. Being wise increases happiness in life. Having knowledge allows you determine on your merit truths, lies, facts, etc.
    • Don’t gain the world and lose your soul; wisdom is better than silver or gold.
      – Bob Marley
    • Wisdom is like a Lion. Better to have it, understand it, see it than to be the sheep. Sheep follow blindly assuming everything is right, good or without difference. Sheep are preyed upon. The lion stands out from the crowd. I seek much of my wisdom from the Bible and those who are successful and moral in this life.
  5. Financial Security
    • I struggled initially with my fifth option, between financial security, freedom & independence and service. For the love of money is the root of all evil. I do not love money nor do I focus solely on acquiring monetary wealth. My value in this is that if I am secure financially, I will have the freedom and independence to serve others to a greater degree.
    • Some of the most influential and giving people are wealthy. Their reach is vast and influence great. It is through financial security that they are able to have such great influence.
    • My value here is building up enough financial security to provide for my family needs and enjoy life to the fullest. I want to get out of debt in order to not slave away in a job that provides no value and meaning to my life. I also do not believe in working X amount of years and saving up X amount of money in order to retire. If I can become financially secure I would better be able to focus on creating a fulfilling life for my family, myself and others.

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