Daily Blogs

4/28 – 4/30: Texas State Clinic (NSCA) in Dallas

4/28: Wake up 5 am


  • Strict Press EMOM x 4 x 10 min. 72.5#
  • Superset x 4 x 10 reps each: Single Leg DL (20# db) & L-sit single-arm DB (20#) shoulder press
  • Superset x 4 x 10 reps each: Lateral box step ups & HSPU on box
  • WOD: 3RFT = 3 rope climbs + 6 push jerks (95#) + 12 DL (135#) + 24 situps + 48 wallballs = time of 17:56


  • Eggs & sweet potato w/ KG butter
  • Beef, veggies, avocado
  • g
  • g

Daily Devotion:

  • Bible in 1 Year Series
    • Five Ways God Guides You
      • Commanding Scripture (Bible)
      • Compelling Spirit (Holy Spirit)
      • Counsel of the Saints (church)
      • Common Sense (reason)
      • Circumstantial Signs (providence)
        1. Psalm 48:9-14. Promise of guidance
          • Counsel of the Saints – guidance is not an individual activity; we receive guidance in the context of community
        2. Luke 19:45-20:26. Model of guidance
          • Commanding Scripture – be careful to avoid any situation in which ministry is being used for personal gain
          • Compelling Spirit – Jesus was guided by what he knew to be the truth; he spoke the truth fearlessly; “give to Caesar what is Caesar’s, and to God what is God’s (v.25)”
        3. Deuteronomy 31:30-32:52. Example of guidance
          • God is not only ‘the rock’, he is also ‘your Father’
          • Circumstantial Signs – so often, it is sin that prevents us from hearing God’s voice; Sin can lead to disaster;
          • Common Sense – God made us thinking beings; he guides your mind as you walk in a close relationship with him.

What I Am Reading:

What I Am Listening To:

  • I actually listened to music while training vs Podcast

Today’s Agenda:

  • Pack and tidy up for traveling
  • Work – last day of college spring semester
  • travel to Dallas

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