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Meet Your Strawman Book Review

Meet Your Strawman and Whatever You Want to Know by David Robinson

A friend of mine introduced to me the concept of ‘the strawman’ and how we live in a society where we are simply but a paper trail representation of our human selves. The idea of this is more than likely considered a conspiracy theory. However, I felt compelled to at least study and read up on the sources he gave me so I could decide for myself. FYI, my friend is not a conspiracy theorist himself, he simply likes to be enlightened to all aspects of the world and is driven by the word, ‘Why.’ We may never know if we do not ask Why. The following is a summary of the book pertaining to the strawman. If you have never heard of the theory prepare to have your mind blown. I have to decide whether I believe in this theory/idea, but it does interest me and warrant further exploration.

What is a strawman? It is a fictitious legal entity that is fooled into believing he/she has to pay all sort of imaginary costs and liabilities which get attached to it. How was it created? It involves an unnecessary mechanism beginning with the birth certificate of a new born child. For example, my name is Kyle Knoll (or at least that is how I normally write and address my name), but as for legal government documents are concerned, I am addressed as follows: KYLE KNOLL. Most, if not all, legal documents pertaining to oneself are presented in that manner. Why is that so? That is where the strawman (fictitious entity) comes into play. *Do your own research about the different between the ‘strawman’ and a living human being.

Legalese is a secret language invented to trick you. It is how we are fooled into believing certain things in order to for ‘them’ (of which it can be referred to the government; although most government members are fooled into this thought as well; therefore I do not know whom them is technically) cheat and rob you. For example, ‘do you understand’ can commonly mean ‘do you comprehend what I am saying to you.’ In legalese (used in courts, LEOs, etc.) it means, ‘do you stand under me’, which in turn means ‘do you grant me authority over you so that you have to obey whatever I tell you to do?’

Common Law, which basically incorporates the basic laws of humans (which are all born equal with freedom of choice and action) are simple and few:

  1. You must not injure or kill anyone
  2. You must not steal or damage things owned by somebody else
  3. You must be honest in your dealings and not swindle anyone

The other made up laws or ‘statutes’ which we commonly use a law in the USA; are actually optional for you, the human, but they are not optional for your strawman.

The United States is a commercial for profit company, The United States Corporation is a private company. Every government operated entity is a company.

Natural Law and Common Law are the only laws which apply to humans and they deal only with harming other people or causing them loss.

Birth Certificate Registration Form, under common law there is no requirement to do this. *Do some research here and ask questions why we have birth certificates (interesting point to me)

Debt: the debt loaners/company must be able to provide to you in order for the debt to be real

  1. Validation of the debt – actual accounting
  2. Verification of their claim against you, signed invoice
  3. A copy of the contract binding both parties, in a letter by ‘certified mail’ so that there is an independent witness to it having been delivered

If that is the case I am not sure that most of the debt I have is actually properly recorded and defined as debt. *more research needs to be done here regarding the basics of debt

4 essential conditions of a lawful binding contract (referring to debt still):

  1. Full disclosure (were you told that you were creating the credit with you wet ink signature)
  2. Equal considerations (the debt company has to bring equal value to the table)
  3. Lawful terms and conditions (mine was based on fraud???)
  4. The wet ink signatures of both parties (corporations cannot sign because they not no right or mind to do so (legal fiction characters) and no third parties can sign on their behalf)

In dealing with Police or Law enforcement situations. Under common law, an offense has only been committed if there is a victim. Legalese is key here.

Traveling. Under common law, humans have the right to travel freely and that includes using a vehicle when traveling. You do not need a license to drive, because traveling and driving are two different things. Also, registering a vehicle is not lawful. It only places the vehicle under the ownership of the state (of which you paid for).

Bills and taxes. Common law does not require you to pay any form of taxes or bills. It is the strawman and not YOU who is being billed. *This is where understanding the difference and finding the truth about the strawman argument gets interesting. **Think about how many taxes we currently have in the US; we are taxed for inheriting our family’s worth. Income tax was a temporary measure used to fund war, but it has since remained (who funds the wars, who creates the wars). This idea was used to force people into dependency.

Armed Forces and wars – How many wars has the US fought in? What exactly are we trying to prevent or protect? Why are most of the wars fought on foreign soil that does not belong to us. PROFIT. Vested interests. **I am a huge supporter of the military and will back them to the end. However, I do not trust the government as to why it has to stir up so much conflict with nations around the world in which we do not have control over. *do you research as to why we have fought so many

It’s all about the money and control over it and the power it has. Although, it can be said that money is not valuable at all. We made up the money from paper and gave it a fictitious value. Yet, we are being controlled by money by having to pay in the form of taxes and other bills to pay for basic human rights and many other things which are forced upon us. The government has tight control on the educational establishments, media, patents, etc. We are being controlled in some form and fashion to do and say things in a certain sense. Of course, it is not anywhere near the form of communism or socialism, but there is good merit in what we are able to do. *I have thoughts on this as well and there is plenty of research to be done on what has been suppressed or forced in/out of society’s limelight.

This book was short read with quick snippets of information relating to different topics about the strawman. I was glad to have read the book and learned about many topics I previously did not think about. The goal here is still to do your own research and information gathering. Whether this is true or not (at least some of it), I still find it interesting and now am more intrigued to study common law, the Constitution and the other laws/statutes that we have currently live with. Being well informed about the guiding principles is important to be a free citizen of this earth. We are not necessarily taught all the ways in which we can be governed in this country. I find it useful to know these things, therefore, reading this book has invigorated my knowledge of such things.

Here are a few things I find interesting relating to the topic, conspiracy or not:

  1. Marriage license – why did I have to apply with the state to be married to my wife; marriage is a God given right that man should not have authority over (marriage fee)
  2. Income tax – what took place prior to 1913? How did they fund the basic things we use today?
  3. Social Security Numbers – why did they start this in 1936? Why was it not necessary prior to? Do we really know the purpose of this, why is it necessary the government has information regarding my lifetime earnings? Should I not be responsible for such information and setting myself of for my own retirement or funding of such?
  4. Why does the US have so many ‘vested interests’ in other parts of the world where it is necessary that we have the military and embassies in those countries? Is it really about national security and keeping the world free?

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