Daily Blogs

April 18 – Rainy Forecast

Wake Up: Shelby alarm at 4:30 am; my alarm at 5:00 am; roll out of bed at 6:00 am


  • Still on the PUP – feels better but I will give it another day’s rest then move into upper body work tomorrow (still have to support my body)


  • Bulletproof coffee
  • Eggs & sweet potato w/ KG butter
  • Honey bun & bulletproof coffee (yeah i know i’m guilty)
  • Ground beef, veggies, cashews
  • Chicken, veggies, cashews
  • Few pieces of candy (i got the high score at basketball toss game) Ahhh!

Daily Devotion:

  • Bible in 1 Year Series
    • Severn Ways to Acquire Wisdom
      1. Proverbs 9:1-12. Handling Criticism
        • When we are criticized, there is no point in replying or to respond with insult, hate or abuse; the wise path is to learn from the rebuke or instruction
      2. Luke 13:1-30. Responding to suffering
        • Compassion
        • Sin and suffering – so much suffering in the world is caused by human sin, yet there is not link between sin and suffering
        • We need to be careful about making judgments about others suffering; our response ‘unless you repent’
      3. Pruning and planting
        • We see when things should be nurtured, when activities should be stopped and when projects should be started
        • Wait patiently for the seeds to grow – start small with potential for vast growth
      4. Knowing when to confront
        • importance of compassion over legalism
      5. Turning to Jesus
        • Being part of God’s kingdom is all about turning to and knowing Jesus
        • don’t first focus on others, make sure you have entered the kingdom of God
      6. Deuteronomy 13:1-14:29. Testing prophecy
        • distinguish the true from the false
        • test the prophet by his teaching, whether he leads you toward Jesus or away
      7. Revering God
        • it is a blessing to give
        • God blesses you as you bless others

What I Am Listening To:

  • Business & Biceps Podcast Ep.43 – “Practically Applying the 5 Most Important Elements of Business
  • Order of Man Podcast Ep.109 – “No More Mr. Nice Guy

What I Am Reading:

  • Common Law Handbook – from yesterday
  • Daily Stoic:
    • Pay Your Tax
      • As your income taxes are due, you might be like many — complaining about what you owe the government
      • Income taxes are not the only taxes you pay in life; they are just financial form; everything we do has a toll attached to it
      • waiting around is a tax on traveling; disagreements and frustration are taxes placed on even the happiest of relationships; theft is a tax on abundance; stress and problems are tariffs that come attached to success
      • taxes come in many forms in life…you can argue with them and go to many extents to evade them; or you can simply pay them and enjoy the fruits of what you get to keep
    • The One Thing to Master
      • You can read dozens of excellent biographies of the accomplished; devote your time to study self-help literature; learn every hack, trick, tactic and strategy for saving time and doing more
      • Only one thing binds the good and the great and the successful: self-mastery
      • Beyond genetics, talent and luck — there is self-discipline and self-control
      • Epictetus, “no person is free who is not master of themselves.”
      • Self-discipline is the starting point of freedom
  • How Much Money Should You Save by Millennial Money blog site
    • How much? As much as you can
    • Start with $5/day – even on annual salary of $35,000 saving $5/day is only 5% of your income
    • Gradually increase from 5 to 10 to 20 to 25+% if possible
    • Invest is wisely
    • 3 Ways to Save More and Build Up Wealth
      1. Cut Back – downsize your living expanse and expenses; be frugal
      2. Make more money and invest the increases – start a side hustle or get a raise; invest 100% of all increases
      3. Or Do Both – Spending less money and make more money = crushing it! – the greater the difference between what you make and what you spend, the richer you can get; key is to save and invest the difference; be frugal (Warren Buffet never spend more than $3.17 on breakfast).
  • 4 Ways to Save More For Retirement by Dave Ramsey
    1. Cost of Living
      • top reason for not saving for retirement
      • Don’t spend your raises – contribute that directly to retirement savings
      • Stick to a written monthly budget
    2. Spending Too Much on Kid’s Activities
      • Encourage kids to play one sport or musical instrument per season
      • Trade travel teams for recreational leagues
    3. Unruly Medical Expenses
      • Open a Health Savings Account
    4. Credit Card Debt
      • Personal Finance is 80% behavior, 20% math
      • Debt keeps you from investing sooner

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