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Monday April 17 – PUP List

PUP List – Physically Unable to Perform

Wake Up: 5 am


  • Injury Update – I believe I pulled/strained my hamstring on left side Friday. I attempted to do upper body, but during my warm-up cycling I could feel my hamstring begin to cringe and curl up (so it felt). At that point I knew nothing could realistically be done, as I need lower body support for upper body work still.
  • Dog walk for about 20 minutes (still a slight struggle)


  • BulletProof Coffe
  • Eggs & broccoli
  • Chicken Tortilla soup with 1/2 avocado; 1/2 cucumber
  • Ground turkey, green beans, 1/2 avocado
  • Chicken salad, PB & banana

Daily Devotional:

  • Bible in One Year Series
    • How to Love from the Inside Out
      1. Psalm 42:1-6. Inner thirst
        • Only God can satisfy this thirst. Knowledge about God will not satisfy your inner thirst. Cry out for God’s presence; meet w/ God and pour out your soul
      2. Luke 11:33-54. Inner light
        • A clean heart and conscious is far more important than clean hands. What goes on in your heart and thoughts matters. Your eyes are key – they are the gate to the inner life; that is why what you look at matters so much. You let things into your inner life through your eyes and your eyes reflect what is going on in your heart.
        • The focus of your inner life is the poor, according to Jesus.
        • Jesus warns against
          • self-importance
          • love of recognition
          • hypocrisy
      3. Deuteronomy 6:1-8:20. Inner love
        • law of love is eternal – in the heart
        • God loves us in spite of our sins, weaknesses and failures
        • The danger of abandoning God because of the surrounding idolatry: the temptation to fit in with the culture and beliefs
        • the danger of doubting God because of hardship: ‘do not test the Lord’; learn by experience; mountain tops encourage you, valleys mature you
        • the danger of forgetting God because of affluence – in the enjoyment of the gift, sometimes you can forget the giver
    • How to Face the Struggles of Life
      1. Psalm 42:6-11. Trials and temptation.
        • through all the struggles, trials and temptation, you have to fix your eyes on God and to keep trusting and obeying him
      2. Luke 12:1-34. Worry and anxiety
        • Fear God and nothing else
        • Know your value to God – infinite value
        • Trust the Holy Spirit – will teach you at that time what you should say
        • Don’t miss the point of life – a person wrapped up in themselves makes a very small package
        • Realizing that fussing is futile – look beyond the material possessions and physical needs
        • Trust God’s care and provision – worry is the opposite faith
        • Seek God’s kingdom – trust and obedience go hand in hand; ‘rich towards God’; seek his kingdom; ”for where your treasure is, there you heart will be also” (v34).
      3. Deuteronomy 9:1-10:22. Fear and failure.
        • god promises that if you trust and obey him, you will see growth and multiplication
    • A Magnet for God’s Blessing
      1. Psalm 43:1-5. The presence of God.
        • Life is not easy. We may face battles, opposition and even depression.
        • The right response is to turn to God. Pray for his guidance, his presence and his ‘joy and delight.’
      2. Luke 12:35-39. The reward of Jesus.
        • Jesus calls you to be ‘ready for service’ – when Jesus returns
        • If you use what God has given you wisely, he blesses you by giving you more responsibility
        • ‘From everyone who has been given much, much will be demanded; and from the one who has been entrusted with much, much more will be asked.” (v48)
        • If you have a happy home, good education, health, friends, job, food, clothes, holidays, Bible, freedom to meet and pray…you are to whom much has been given. Much more will be expected.
      3. Deuteronomy 11:1-12:32. The strength of God.
        • know, learn and teach God’s word and put it into practice in your life
        • he promises his blessings to those who faithfully obey the commands he gives
        • obedience brings the blessing of strength
        • wisdom is choosing to do now what you will be satisfied with later
  • WiRE For Men: Fueling Up
    • Heard His Still, Small Voice?
      • our thoughts, rather than an audible voice
      • Thoughts can be made into:
        • words – inner voice
        • pictures, feelings, or impulses
      • note which thoughts are likely yours alone, which were originated by others and which might have just been originated by God
    • Grabbing Some Solitude
      • Why do men struggle with solitude? – we are busy working, married, have kids, have friends
      • our culture trains us for motion and multitasking, not slowing and simplifying
      • solitude means confrontation
      • Make solitude a priority – start small within your own comfort and domain

What I Am Listening To:

  • Better Humanology Podcast by EO3 Fitness –> How to Shift and Break Dramatically Through

What I Am Reading:

  • Daily Stoic
    • Fame is Nothing
      • Many people would like to be successful and be famous, having their name remembered in history.
      • What will any of it matter since you’ll be dead? It is mostly meaningless right here and now, who cares if 15,000 or 15 million people have heard of you; its definitely worthless if you are not around to enjoy the fame.
      • Give yourself a gift of the present moment instead. Enjoy today
    • The Body is a Garden, the Will is the Gardener
      • extract so much out of so little with indomitable will
  • Common Law Handbook for Juror’s, Sheriff’s, Bailiff’s and Justices by David Robinson

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