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Weekend Recap – Easter Weekend

Good Friday:

  • Trained w/ Ryan. I posted the workout on friday’s post, however, I am going to mention it here today because I was so sore I still have yet to recover. I also believe I pulled/strained my hamstring on my left leg. That is the worst I have ever felt after a workout, even after 15 years of training.
  • Yard work – lawn trimmer broke so I could not finish
  • Random chores around the house
  • Food shopping

Saturday 4/15:

  • Woke up to an enormous amount of soreness. At that point I was unaware of my hamstring
  • Slow cooker chicken tortilla soup w/ quinoa, black beans, tomatoes, onions, hatch green peppers and plenty of spices (forgot to put in the corn)
  • Shelby and I visited 2 new breweries on Saturday. The plan was to only visit one on our way to buy a new laptop, however, we found out the other new one on the list to visit was in walking distance (0.4 miles) away. We stopped at Platypus Brewing & Holler Brewing for a beer each.
  • We bought a new laptop (Lenovo 2 n 1) at the Houston Microcenter for much cheaper than Best Buy or elsewhere.

Sunday – Easter

  • Shelby studied while I ate, watched TV and cleaned up the dishes for the most part of the day. At that point I was too sore to do anything still and I was starting to notice my hamstring was not well
  • We took Malakai for a swim in the pond
  • My weekend plans were limited after the workout and hamstring strain, despite the nice weather.

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