Daily Blogs

Hello April

April has arrived and brought with it showers…actually it was more like thunderstorms. Houston was in the line for heavy thunderstorms all day Sunday, however the storms shifted north of Houston and pars of it swayed around the area near the gulf coast. I pray for all the people that were in the direct path of it.

Saturday started off with a great workout comprised of bench press, pushups and lunges. I spend the next 6 hours watching and keeping score for the club baseball team at school. Not to complain much, but I am going to…I despise baseball. It is absolutely a boring sport. It takes forever for a game to be played and to top it off baseball has the most regular season games of all major sports. I nearly fell asleep in the booth while taking score because I was so bored.

Enough with baseball. Saturday night Shelby and I met up with some of our friends in the local area at the Tomball German Heritage Festival. We spent the evening walking around drinking beer, eating German favorites, exploring the booths and listening to polka. We had a great time and boy do the Germans know how to party.

This week is going to be busy at work. We have the biggest student life event of the year Tuesday. Crawfish festival at school. I am looking forward to the crawfish after I get done slaving away. The main event is on Tuesday, however we are spreading the love around for the night students on Wednesday and Thursday evenings. I also have a paintball tournament this Thursday as well.


  • Squat: 227.5 x 2; 255 x 2; 270 x 1; 285 x 1
  • Squat EMOM x 2 reps for 15 minutes: 227.5
  • 6 x 200m sprints (goal was 8, but on the 6th my legs were done)


  • Eggs & oats; spinach & cucumber salad
  • PB & banana
  • Salmon, potatoes, asparagus
  • Chicken, sweet potatoes, broccoli, avocado
  • eggs & oats, sauerkraut, PB (lots of it) & apple

Personal Development:

  • Bible in 1 Year Series
    • Awe and Amazement
      1. Psalm 37:10-20. Stand in awe and amazement at the choice of God
        • The unassuming – ‘the meek will inherit the land and enjoy peace’ (37:11); it means gentle, considerate and unassuming; it means strength under control
        • The poor and needy
        • The persecuted – God is in control and we do not need to seek revenge
      2. Luke 5:17-32. Look with awe and amazement at the ministry of Jesus
        • Healing the sick
        • Forgiving sins – forgiveness was the priority of Jesus
        • Reading people – Jesus knew what people were thinking in their hearts
        • Choosing outcasts – as his followers
        • Befriending sinners – ‘it is not the healthy who need a doctor, but those who are ill’ Jesus said;
      3. Numbers 16:36-18:32. Meditate in awe and amazement at the wonder of forgiveness
        • forgiveness is not automatic, but it is made possible by Jesus
    • Seven Titles of Jesus
      1. Proverbs 8:1-11. Wisdom of God
        • The ‘wisdom of God’ is one of Jesus’ titles
        • To be wise is not just about knowledge, but about living well
          • set the right goals and ambitions
          • seek wisdom rather than sensual pleasures
        • wisdom in speech – honest, truthful communication with words that are righteous and true
      2. Luke 5:33-6:11. Bridegroom
        • Jesus as the bridegroom and us as the bride
        • ultimate consummation is relationship with Jesus
        • focus on righteous living
      3. Son of Man
        • we are reminded of Jesus’ love for us and his authority over us
      4. Lord
      5. Numbers 19:1-21:3. Mediator
        • Jesus gave himself for us
      6. Rock
        • in reference to God telling Moses to bring water out of the rock
        • Jesus is the one who quenches our thirst; it came out abundantly
        • Jesus came to give us an abundant life
        • He promises to satisfy your spiritual thirst with ‘rivers of living water’
      7. Great high priest
        • Jesus is able to save completely those who come to God through him, because he always lives to intercede for them
    • Giving Cleans Your Heart
      1. Psalm 37:21-31. Always be generous
        • wicked borrows and never returns; Righteous gives and gives; generous gets it all in the end
        • the generous are always generous and lend freely
      2. Luke 6:12-36. Be generous to everyone
        • there is emptiness about the way of life which involves becoming rich, being well fed, with lots of superficial laughter and gaining a good reputation
        • ‘love your enemies’
        • ‘give to everyone’ without expecting to get anything back
      3. Numbers 21:4-22:20. Be generous – like God
        • God gave you everything
  • Daily Stoic
    • Ignore the Applause
      • It’s so easy for power to go to your head, to let others applaud you and say you are special, that they love you…that you are some kind of God
      • None of that is true and all of those thoughts are dangerous
      • Be on guard against the loudness of vanity and flattery. It will only distract you and make you worse



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