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3/30 Rest Day in the Gym

Over the last few years or so I would not take a regular rest day in gym during the week. Usually, I would rest on a Sunday. However, I decided to schedule regular rests due to the overall training that I have incorporated into my regime. I have the best of intentions to use the ‘rest’ day to work on mobility. Technically, it is not a rest day in that case. Simply a day off from the weights and cardio.

I think I complained 4 times yesterday. Today, I do not remember complaining off the top of my head, but I’ll give myself at least twice. I finished The Richest Man in Babylon today. My next book I will start tomorrow is Meet Your Straw-man…I will get the full title tomorrow. This book and topic is off shoot of what I would normally read about, however it is still within my interests. It could be considered within the conspiracy theories section. My friend introduced me to the topic. It sounds very interesting so I decided to educate myself on the topic. More to come after I get an understanding of what is really going on. The only information I have so far is that the topic is centered around the idea that the United States is corporation and they are exploiting the people without us ever knowing it. It also goes into ideas that we are basically slaves to the corporation and that taxes, fees, etc. are optional. Like I said I need to read it and do my due diligence research before I make a decision on this.

Train: Mobility


  • Eggs & Oats
  • Sweet potato w/ Kerry Gold butter
  • Beef, veggies, avocado
  • chicken, veggies, walnuts & Starbucks (thanks wifey)
  • PB and 2 banana, asparagus

Personal Development:

  • Bible in 1 Year Series
    • Always Be Generous
      1. Psalm 36:1-12. God’s generous river of delights
        • God’s love is ‘meteoric’ – reaches to the heavens (v.5)
        • God’s faithfulness is ‘astronomic’ – reaches to the skies (v.5)
        • God’s purpose is ‘titanic’ – his righteousness is ‘like the highest mountains’ (v.6)
        • God’s justice is ‘oceanic’ – like the great deep (v.6)
      2. Luke 4:14-37. God’s generous outpouring of his Holy Spirit
        • Anointing of the Spirit – the word Christ literally means ‘anointed one’; the Holy Spirit anoints you
        • Gracious words – love is never rude
        • Amazing teaching – Jesus’ words had authority
        • Authority and power – to deal with impure spirits
        • Praise and fury – the message and ministry of Jesus bring both praise and fury
      3. Numbers 13:26-14:45. God’s generous provision
        • Take possession – spend more time worshiping and praising God to help us keep clear focus and enable us to go forward with a strong, positive attitude, believing we can do anything God tells us to do
        • Believe God’s promises – in the face of problems and opposition, are you tempted into self-pity and wanting to return to your old life?
        • Watch for his guidance – keep your eyes fixed on his guidance
        • Follow him passionately – to have a different spirit and follow the Lord wholeheartedly
  • Daily Stoic
    • Stoic unflappability is something you can learn
      • Cato was part of the ruling, aristocratic class in ancient Rome. He has access to all life’s splendor and pleasures. However, he chose to sleep next to his troops on the ground. He put himself in the atmosphere of the working class.
      • He was purposely putting himself in positions of difficulty with a relatively low cost. If he could learn how to endure the small things, he could endure the big ones.
      • Today, we wrap ourselves in comfort. We give ourselves over to all kinds of excesses. We can eat whenever we want, in excess of what we should. We can sit on the train instead of stand. We have many comforts in life.
      • We can choose to be different. We can mold our character, endure hardships, take less than our fill and invite ridicule. All of these acts will over time build a strong character. This type of character will endure the biggest things because it has conditioned itself with a series of smaller tests.

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