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Mental Toughness Challenge Week of 3/27/17

  1. No complaining for 7 days (because we love fitness the penalty for complaining is 1 burpee = 1 complaint added up all week)
    • This is in regard to any type of complaint. Whether you are complaining about the weather, your hair, the boss man or your kids attitude, it all counts.
    • The goal of this mental toughness challenge is to change your outlook on life. Most of the things we complain about are outside of our control. Complaining about them gets us no where. In fact, all it does is waste time and cause feelings of anger, fear, jealousy, etc. and cause stress.
    • Try to control what you can and stop worrying and complaining about what you cannot. Do not waste your time complaining. Instead, find a way to make the situation positive. Ex: while I am not happy it will rain this week and close down the mountain biking trails, this will give me ample time to study instead of biking.
    • Punishment for each complaint is 1 burpee. Why not get better in the process physically as well?
  2. Start a new habit for 7 days
    • The goal here is to create new and positive habits in your life.
    • Or, the goal could be to discourage and stop a bad habit in life (smoking).
    • My new habit is to for this week (extended to at least 20 days for another challenges’ sake) is no TV. I am not going to watch TV for 20 days. Although this will not be a habit I’d like to keep forever, the goal is to instead allocate my time better to develop myself in ways that generate positive outcomes. I became lazy for a while and opted to watch TV instead of my personal development directives.

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