Daily Blogs

Need new labtop

I am trying to keep my logs going daily, however, the labtop we use at home is about 6 years old or so and SLOW. It took me 20 minutes this morning just to load up the page and get started. I feel like I am living in the 1990s again. My wife and I are talking about getting a new labtop soon as she will need one for school. We just do not want to drop some serious cash for one right now. I will try my best to update daily.

Sunday: woke up early and rode the trails before church. Went to church, picked up groceries/items and prepared food. I downloaded and created programs related to working out. We took the dog swimming.

Monday: training -> lots of squats and two 5 min. AMRAPs. First day back at work and I was just getting used to spring break.

Today – wake up 530. Train -> did a circuit of various exercises that took about 20 minutes. then went for a mile run with the dog.


  • 8am – eggs, oats, spinach
  • 10am – apple, PB
  • 1 – beef, broccoli, avocado
  • 5 – chicken, veggies, cashews
  • 8 – sweet potato, seeds

Personal devo:

  • Bible in 1 Year (i caught up my days from the weekend but will not post them due to PC problems)
    • Loving Boundaries (3/21)
      1. Proverbs 7:1-5. God’s loving boundaries
        • God does not invite us to follow his laws, he commands us. These are not the commands of a dictator, but commands of love designed to ensure justice, peace and fullness in life
      2. Luke 1:1-25. The example of others
        • good examples of others on how to follow God’s boundaries are great ways to learn from
      3. Leviticus 26:14-27:34. The blessing of boundaries
  • Daily Stoic
    • Whose Child Will You Choose To Be?
      • We cannot choose who our parents are going to be. It was the parents you had or no parents and no life.
      • We can decide though on what tradition we’re going to hail from; we decide our actions and our beliefs; whose heir we will be.
      • Ex: Are you the offspring of a drunken deadbeat or are you the product of a caring mentor you’ve sought out and modeled after?
      • Where and who you came from is an external and outside our control; the present and future self we want to be–that’s on us.
      • FYI – I love my parents and look up to them. I do not follow in all there ways or thoughts, but I am thankful for the parents given unto me.










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