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Spring Break Day 2 = Golf

Wake up 530 am and it was in the mid 40’s. Mind you that is below average for Gulf Coast Texas area this time of year. Not the way I imagined spring break starting off. My plans for the day include: meet up with my dad and take my truck to get its annual inspection and drop off his vehicle at the mechanic; followed by playing golf with my Shelby, my uncle Brian and long time associate Mike. We will be playing at the best course I have ever played out so I hope the consistent practice I have been putting pays off (all of 4-5 weeks worth).

My goal is to at least be fun to play alongside and keep up with my wife. She played in college and enjoys the game, but does not play as often due to lack of quality players to side with. Therefore, I am hoping I can break under 100 and move consistently toward keeping up with her to make the game enjoyable and quicker paced.

My golf game was terrible today. It was fun playing with everyone and being out on the course.


  • Test 1RM Standing Overhead Strict Press: 135 lbs. I missed 145 halfway up. I guessed this is where I would be, however, I think on a better day I could have got to at least 150. The deadlift session yesterday left my lower body and my upper back surprisingly sore.
  • 8 min AMRAP – 6 x push press, 6 x front squat, 6 x deadlift, 6 x hang power clean all at 95 lbs. I didn’t go hard and finished with 5 rounds.
  • 10 min AMRAP – 20 hollow rocks, 20 supermans, 10 broad jumps; didn’t go crazy here either and finished with 3 rounds + 34 reps.


  • 1- chicken feathers, broccoli, carrot sticks and sweet potato fries at Wild Wings
  • 430- Saint Arnold beer
  • 8 – chicken breast, veggies, sweet potato, banana and PB and coconut milk

Personal Development:

  • Bible in 1 year series:
    • Despair Turned to Joy
      1. Psalm 30:8-12. Call out to God who turns lives around
        • cry out to to God for mercy and he can turn despair into joy
      2. Mark 13:1-31. Watch out for God’s great turnaround
        • Deception – watch out for false messiahs
        • Persecution – everyone will hate you and I because of Jesus
        • Distress – the end of days will be of distress
        • God is in control of these events and Jesus is coming back to turn things around
      3. Leviticus 14:1-57. Thank God for the greatest turnaround in history
        • took place on the cross through the blood of Jesus that was shed for us
  • Stoicism
    • Passion Is Not A Good Thing
      • In today’s culture we hear of finding and securing a passion is the end goal of a purposeful life
      • Stoics list 4 passions you need to avoid: distress, fear, lust and delight
      • Stoics believe that reason is the antidote to passion and living a virtuous life is the end goal…virtuous meaning having or showing high moral standards, righteous, good, pure, ethical, upstanding and exemplary
      • Passions can sometimes lead to misfortune

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