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Catching Up On My Logs (Phone Error)

The past week has been long due to work and tough due to phone problems. Wednesday and Thursday were long days for me at work. It didn’t help out on Friday after heading to bed late on Thursday to get back in gear to finish off the week. The biggest problem of the past week was with my Google Pixel phone. I am on my second phone…about to be third today due to microphone problems and a software bug. Simply put, I have no sound whatsoever coming from the phone; the calling feature is useless and will freeze if used; and last but not least, video and music playback does not work. In other words, my phone is basically 1/4 smart as it should be. The problem is on Google though to fix as they have identified some major problems related to the phone.

This sucks because I didn’t realize how much we rely on our phones until I went without the features I use daily for an extended time period. Missed calls, delay in receiving messages, not able to use third party apps consistently…it all makes life difficult yet easy at the same time. While I have parted ways with being attached to my phone consistently (I can still surf the web no problems), the basic functions of cell phone use have become apparent as to how much we depend on them. I am well behind on my daily reading due to lack of use from my phone. I am going to catch up today in full detail on this post. I could have continued with my other plans and still blogged, however, I usually finish the day blogging and publish on my phone.

  • Wake Up 5:30 am today. I am off for spring break. The college shuts its doors and gives everyone the week off. I will continue to get up as my wife has to work this week though. I will train in the afternoons with Ryan this week for the most part. My plan is to test 1RM on squat, deadlift, press and bench this week in order to prepare for change in program pace. The goal is to use a more scientific tested approach to gaining strength, versus just adding weight randomly (which still works). I will post workouts and schedule as they arise. \
  • Training:
    • Deadlift – w/ belt and hook grip…new PR of 375; 15 min AMRAP of 10 deficit DL at 185, 12 box jumps and 30 hollow rocks; 10 min accumulating rounds of 5 back bridges, 30 sec pancake split, 20 sec hang at the bottom of dip on rings
  • Nutrition:
    • 12 – beef, veggies, sweet potato
    • 3 – nuts
    • 6 – salmon, veggies, quinoa and salad
    • 8 – bacon and eggs and oats
  • Personal Development
    • Bible in One Year Series (7 days worth)
      • How to Grow in Wholeness
        1. Psalm 27:1-6. Worship the Lord in the beauty of holiness
          • Don’t try to fit God into your plans. Make your plans around the priority of worship.
        2. Mark 9:33-10:12. Serve the Lord in a life of holiness
          • Humility – do not compete to be number one; envy and rivalry are great dangers; leaders are called to humble service
          • Love – love and welcome everyone, even those who are unable to do anything for you
          • Tolerance – do not dismiss or judge others who things in a different manner
          • Discipline – be tolerant to others sin, but intolerant about sin in our own lives
          • Peace – not to argue with one another, but be at peace
          • Faithfulness – life long faithfulness in marriage;
        3. Leviticus 1:1-3:17. Be holy as the Lord is holy
          • we are called to holiness in every aspect of our day to day life; holiness starts by putting faith in what Jesus has done for you and asking the Holy Spirit to come into your life to help you to begin to live a holy life
      • Rich in Mercy
        1. Psalm 27:7-14. The struggling
          • God does not fail you; He will give you love and protection, even when we do not deserve it
        2. Mark 10:13-31. The children
          • like children…we are to be open and receptive, honest about our feelings, be quick to forgive and quick to move on in trust; Jesus said, ‘the kingdom of God belongs to such as these.’
        3. The poor
          • the poor were high priority in Jesus’ life and ministry
        4. The rich
          • Rich people and nations are sometimes more resistant to the gospel, yet with Jesus all things are possible
        5. The persecuted
          • all of his followers will be persecuted
        6. Leviticus 4:1-5:13. The guilty
          • the penalty of sin is death; Jesus made atonement for our sins; Jesus died as a sacrifice of atonement; Jesus is the ‘Lamb of God’ who takes away the sin of the world; Jesus’ blood was shed for you; Jesus has made God’s mercy available for all
      • My Eyes Were Opened
        1. Proverbs 6:12-19. See God’s reaction to evil
          • God is hostile toward sin…the Lord hates and that are, ‘detestable to Him’ – arrogance, lies, murder, evil plots, feet that race down a wicked track, a mouth that lies under oath, a troublemaker in the family; God’s hostility led to the cross
        2. Mark 10:32-52. See the results of the cross
          • Suffering servant
            • Suffering – he came to give his life for you and me
            • Servant – he came to give his life for us, not to be served
            • Saviour – Jesus’ death on the cross saves you and me by setting us free
            • Substitute – in place of
            • Lord, open my eyes to see you more clearly, love you more dearly and follow you more nearly
        3. Leviticus 5:14-7:10. See the reason for his death
      • A Loving, Ongoing Relationship
        1. Psalm 28:1-9. Develop a pattern of prayer
          • Prayer is the key way to develop a relationship with God by speaking with him
          • ACTS mnemonic for prayer
            • A: Lord I adore you – praise be to God
            • C: I confess – hear my cry for mercy; ask God’s forgiveness; forgive others
            • T: I will give you thanks – thank God for health, family, friends and so on
            • S: Hear my supplication – pray for yourself, for your friends and for others; ‘call to you for help’
        2. Mark 11:1-25. Pray in faith
          • Jesus says, ‘by faith you can move mountains if you do not doubt in your heart but instead believe
          • lack of forgiveness can be a barrier to prayer and to your relationship with God
          • help others and show kindness
          • God will come in response to faith to remove seemingly impossible obstacles
        3. Leviticus 7:11-8:36. Approach God through Jesus
      • Spiritual Authority
        1. Psalm 29:1-11. The voice of authority
          • The word of God is authoritative, powerful and majestic; we need God’s ‘strength’ and his ‘peace’
        2. Mark 11:27-12:12. God-given authority
          • Jesus has the authority of God; listen to him and you too will speak with authority that derives from his authority
        3. Leviticus 9:1-10:20. The authority of Jesus
          • Through Jesus you have access to the holy presence of God
      • A Lifetime of Favour
        1. Psalm 30:1-7. The long view of life
          • God’s favour lasts a lifetime
        2. Mark 12:13-27. The long view of eternity
          • The Scriptures – Jesus affirms the absolute certainty of the resurrection of the dead
          • The Power of God – raising Christ from the dead
        3. Leviticus 11:1-12:8. The long view of history
          • God was working all the way through history (Old Testament) to prepare the ground for Jesus
      • How to Keep Healthy
        • Avoid smoking and using tobacco products
        • Be physically active every day
        • Eat a heart healthy diet
        • Maintain a healthy weight
        • Manage your blood pressure
        • Control your total cholesterol
        • Keep your blood sugar healthy
          • These are things to do in order to have a healthy heart, the number one cause of death in the Western world (heart disease)
          • The heart is a metaphor for the inner life – seat of the physical, spiritual and mental life; source of the whole inner life: thinking, feeling and willing
          • People look at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart
        • Proverbs 6:20-29. (1) Guard your heart
          • do not lust in your heart (adultery)
        • Mark 12:28-44. (2) Love Jesus with your whole heart
          • Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength; Love your neighbor as yourself
        • Mark 12:38-40. (3) Focus on your heart
          • Hypocrisy is a danger to my life, it is a temptation to be concerned about position, platforms, titles and honors
          • Far more concerned about outward appearances than our own hearts
        • Mark 12:41-44. (4) Give from your heart
          • Jesus is looking for generous and sacrificial hearts
          • What we give, and the way in which we give, reflects our hearts
          • It is not the amount, but the attitude of the heart that matters
        • Leviticus 13:1-59. (5) Keep your heart holy
          • Holiness is not a matter of outward appearances. It is a matter of the heart
    • Stoicism
      • Take a Walk (Or Run)
        • If you find yourself a little stuck or frustrated today, go for a walk or better yet a run
        • Thoreau, another avid walker, claimed, β€œthe moment my legs begin to move my thoughts begin to flow.”
      • A Way to Change Your Life
        • People passing down wisdom is a time old tradition
        • Have you ever asked for wisdom or recommendations from successful people in your life (book recommendation)? Did you follow up on those recommendations or just put them aside? Change your life! Do not ask for help and then not use it.
      • Stick With Whats At Hand
        • Being present and focusing on what is right in front of us. Why is that so hard to do?
        • Just do it!



2 thoughts on “Catching Up On My Logs (Phone Error)

    1. Thanks. I decided to get the new Google Pixel end of last year b/c I use Google apps for everything. Great phone, but with it being brand new it did come with problems. I unfortunately encountered those problems 3 months down the road. They hooked me up with a replacement but yeah not having THE tool for communicating these was awful for over a week.

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