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March 7: Reverse Engineer Your Day

Wake up 4:30 am. Trained early and went shopping for a work related item before the crowds engulfed the roads. My phone started acting up yesterday during phone calls. It would hesitate or freeze, then go to a black screen before restarting itself. I ended up doing a factory data reset on it and testing 3rd party apps in attempt to find a possible culprit. Nothing worked besides restarting the phone in Safe Mode, basically disabling all apps not originally loaded on the phone. That seemed to fix the problem, but who wants a smart phone without all the gizmos and gadgets? This morning I called Verizon tech coach help center and explained the problems. They are exchanging my phone for a new phone at no charge due to what appears to be a manufacturer defect.

Due to the loss of phone service temporarily, I was not able to read and update my Bible app today. I will have to resume tomorrow hopefully with my new phone. Today’s blog will be slightly different without it. I actually look forward to that part.

I had a conversation yesterday with a coworker about time management. Although I am not the best or most efficient with my time…I might argue I am pretty well up to date with my priorities and time management use. There is always room for improvement, especially when one finds a suitable replacement for mismanaged time. This particular coworker explained to me that she was not happy about how her schedule was going by missing out on exercise, staying at work late and staying up late to catch up on personal development and other chores. I gave her a rundown of how my day normally goes and what I try to accomplish at certain hours of the day. My recommendations I gave to her were to reconfigure her schedule to allow time to exercise and develop herself during times when no one would bother her. Doing so would allow her to catch up on lost hours of wasted or mismanaged time and free up time during which she can relax or be social with family and friends.

Long story short is that if you have a somewhat normal work schedule similar to the American work day/school day; I find it best to accomplish any and all personal tasks and chores in the early morning hours. While most people are working and before the sun rises, there is plenty of UNINTERRUPTED TIME to exercise, read, study or whatever it is that you want to do to personally develop and enhance your mind, body and soul. By the time most people are waking up, you are ready to start your work day and normal schedule of activities (including but not limited to: feeding children/family, driving kids to school, car pooling, etc.). After the work day is completed, in which the typical schedule allows for a range of activities (after school activities, gym time, social hour, extra jobs…etc.), you will have the free time to pick and choose how you spend your afternoon/evening without an excuse to find time for personal development and/or chores. You now have the opportunity to enjoy a part of your day and spend it how you might like to versus having to do chores, exercising or studying/reading/etc.

Below is an example of what a day could look like after reverse engineering your time daily:

  • 4 – 4:30 am: wake up and go straight to exercising
  • 5:15 to 5:45 am (depending on how long workout lasts): read, study, develop self for at least 30 minutes daily. You cannot get where you want to if you do not put in the work to get there
  • 6 – 7 am: get ready for work, get the kids ready for school and multitasking any chores that you are able to do at that time
  • 8 am to 4 – 5 pm: work day…unless other hours are required
  • 5 – 6 pm: if you have kids shuttle them around for after school activities, if not find something you like or need to do and knock it out
  • 6 – 9 pm: spend time relaxing, being social, doing activities with family, preparing for bed and for tomorrow

Below is my typical day:

  • Wake up 4 – 6 am: either workout immediately or wait for wife to finish lifting (garage gym life); if I wait I typically read the news, meditate, play with my dog or watch TV if I feeling lazy
  • 6 am to 10:30 am – I perform a multitude of activities depending on what is going on for the day or needed to be accomplished. My everyday activities include: dog walk, read bible and book, blog and make meals for the day. Other activities I might accomplish depending on need include: cook food, shop, chores, hit golf balls and take care of any necessary task related to house, vehicles, career pursuits or anything Shelby needs me to do.
  • 11 am to 8 pm: work day typical schedule
  • 8 pm to 10 pm: hang out with my wife and dog without generally worrying about any chores, tasks or development to attend to.

If my schedule were more typical of American work day /school day, I may either move faster in morning pursuits (exercise, ready, study, blog, cook, chores), multitask more efficiently by planning my goals the night before or wake up earlier to support my morning activities. My goal would be to accomplish my personal development before technically starting my day. I want to be free of personal pursuits, work related activities and most chores during times in which families and friends of mine are available to engage and be social (after 5 pm). If I have too much on my plate in the evenings to accomplish still, I would have to sacrifice either personal development or social interaction. Personally, I would rather wake up early (maybe lose some sleep) and take care of business versus having to constantly choose which is more important to me day in and day out.

Therefore, my friends, I highly recommend Reverse Engineering your day and your time to be able to accomplish and enjoy the things you want to daily and over the course of your lifetime. Whether that means going to bed earlier and waking up earlier or losing out on some sleep at times, I have found myself being more productive and enjoying the delights of life personally and socially.


  • Push press 5RM: 135
  • OHS 2RM: 125
  • BB Row 3RM: 155
  • FS 25 reps as fast as possible w/ 135#: 2:15 time
  • 3x super set: wide grips pullups behind neck x 10,7,7 & stiff leg deadlift x 10 @135 & ab wheels x 10
  • Lunge for 15 min


  • 12:30 pm:Β TravelAid, fish, mixed veggies, sweet potato w/ KG butter
  • 3 pm: almonds
  • 6 pm: chicken salad with avocado, sunflower seeds
  • 8:30 pm: eggs and oats, banana and PB

Learning Material:

  • Read 10 pages of Richest Man in Babylon
    • Recap of what I read today includes:
      • Pay yourself first – save or ‘pay yourself’ at least 10% of what you earn; essentially you need to refrain from spending your entire income.
      • Control your expenditures (live below your means) – define what money is to you; define the difference of want vs. need;
      • Make money work for you – first thing is first (have enough money saved up 6-8 months worth); invest your money, but only in things you understand; stock market, real estate, business and compounding interest.
      • Guard your treasures from loss (insurance) – protect your wealth instead of complete financial loss.
  • Stoicism
    • Loving, Evening When Wishing For the Bad Things
      • Instead of dreading what might happen, instead of resisting every negative event…what if we embraced it all? Basically, embrace and come to love what is dealt our way (sickness, difficulty); as we cannot control it either way.

Vibes: Sometimes you have pay to acquire knowledge. I’ve tried so hard to stay on track with saving money and reducing my expenditures. For the most part, I have done very well. However, the area of life where it is difficult to be frugal is personal development. Not all information, mentoring and education is free or cheap. Sometimes we have to pay up for a wealth of knowledge. This is one area I firmly believe it is justifiable to spend my hard earned money on, considering the possibility of multiplying ROI. Therefore, depending on your income and expenditures do not be afraid to spend money on knowledge gained.



One thought on “March 7: Reverse Engineer Your Day

  1. I’m an early riser too, but I save my workout for lunch time – a perfect way to break up a day!

    Of course, I’m the owner so there’s nobody to complain. 😎


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