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March 6 Weekend Recap

Once again I didn’t open the or read my app this entire weekend. My wife and I were planning to go to the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo cook off on Saturday, but the weather was eerie, slightly wet and cold. The forecast showed heavy rains all day Saturday, although that never happened so we could have gone to the cook off and not have been rained on. However, just the fact that it was wet and with rain in the forecast we decided to not to go and stay home.

Saturday morning began with my wife and I working out together. We hit an arms and shoulder pump day routine and finished with front squats. I hit 265 for a single PR. After lifting we went grocery shopping, making all our stops along the way (Sprouts, Aldi, HEB). The rest of the day was spend doing nothing except watching the weather suck and cycling through our favorite TV shows.

On Sunday morning we decided to go to Sunday school before church. I enjoyed the experience and being able to share God’s word and prayer with other people. After church we made a pit stop at Walmart for a few items. The rest of Sunday we spent cooking/preparing our food, doing some chores and watching more TV. It actually rained more on Sunday, basically all day on and off again. I still managed to hit a quick front squat to keep the squat life streak going (35 days).

Monday March 6: began by waking up at 4:20 am. Shelby lifted first and I followed shortly after. I walked the dog before it started to rain. We just made it back before it began to pour down.


  • Incline bench 1 pause rep + 1 regular rep: 95, 115, 135, 155, 175
  • Bench press 15 x 15: 5 at 95, 5 at 90, 5 at 85
  • 3 x super set: banded flyes x 15 and dips x 15
  • Front Squat 5 sec pause no belt: 95, 115, 135, 155, 185, 205, 215
  • CrossFit main sit WOD: 4 rounds for time of – 15 ring dips (used feet for support), subbed 30 ab mat situps, 400m run; finished in 19:15

Weight before first meal: 177


  • 1:30 pm: turkey, green beans, sweet potato w/ Kerry Gold butter, sunflower seeds
  • ย 3 pm: peanut butter, banana
  • 5 pm: starbucks machioto (BOGO deal), chicken salad w/ avocado
  • 8 pm: eggs, oats, banana, PB

Learning Material:

  • Bible in 1 Year Series (3 days worth)
    • God Multiplies
      1. Psalm 25: 16-22. Multiplication of blessings… and troubles
        • wherever God blesses, troubles and persecutions also increase
        • leadership will involve opposition
        • greater the responsibility the more troubles will multiply and your critics increase
      2. Mark 7:31 – 8:13 Multiplication of resources
        • Jesus is able to a lot with a very small amount (7 loaves and few fish feed 5,000)
        • God multiplies what you give to Him
      3. Exodus 35:1-36:38 Multiplication of volunteers
        • everyone praying
        • everyone giving (willingly)
        • everyone serving (skills and ability)
    • How to Make the Most of Your Life
      1. Proverbs 6:1-11. Master Self Discipline
        • Master your finances – ‘do not waste a minute getting out of a financial muddle’
        • Master your time – without accountability we can easily become lazy; do not waste our time in unproductive activity
      2. Mark 8:14-9:1 Give your life away
        • you have to abandon your life to Jesus service and the gospel – ‘whosoever wants to save their life will lose it, but whoever loses their life for me and for the gospel will save it’ (v.35).
        • the way to find life is to deny yourself, take up your cross and follow him (v.34).
        • we are called to love, to live for God and for other people
      3. Exodus 37:1-38:31. Serve God at work
        • when the Spirit of God fills people for these tasks their work often takes on a new dimension
    • Why Celebrity? (God’s glory vs. glory of fame & celebrity)
      1. Psalm 26:1-12. Seek God’s glory
        • Try to lead a blameless life: trust in the Lord without wavering, try to keep your heart and mind pure, be guided by God’s love and truth
      2. Mark 9:2-32. Reflect Jesus’ glory
        • Jesus says, ‘everything is possible for him who believes’ (v.23).
        • the world says ‘I need to see first, then I will believe.’
        • ‘Faith is to believe what we do not see. The reward of faith is to see what we believe.’
      3. Exodus 39:1-40:38. Await an eternity of glory
        • ‘For our light and momentary troubles are achieving for us an eternal glory that far outweighs them all’ (v.17).
  • Stoicism: Preach all the time. Use words when necessary
    • When everyone else is losing their heads, remain calm. When other people are caught up in temptations, stick to what you know is right. When other people tremble in fearโ€”about death, about stress, about dangerโ€”be strong and confident. When other people are greedy, be a paragon of contentment and happiness. Lead by example, not only by words, lectures and quotes.
  • Read the foreword and first chapter of The Richest Man in Babylon by George Clason

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