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March 3: Go TEXAN Day

Howdy Y’all from Houston, Texas. Today is Go Texan Day and the kickoff to the largest livestock show and rodeo in North America, the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo. As a proud Texan (born and raised), I would like to take a quick moment to thank all those who came before me and those people who are currently living here in Texas by saying, “WE ARE ALL TEXANS TODAY AND GOD BLESS TEXAS!”

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My wife and I will be attending the BBQ cook-off tomorrow evening thanks to our dear friends and neighbors down the street. We will also be attending the Dierks Bentley concert and preceding rodeo later this month. This is the one time of the year where just about everyone puts on their jeans, button ups and cowboy boots and hats for a night out on the town; even those who have never or typically never wear those style of garments. As for me though, if not for my job as an exercise and sports professional I would wear my boots and jeans year round.

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Moving on to my daily blogging updates: Woke up this morning at 5:30 am. We slept in and plan on training this afternoon since Shelby and I both get off work earlier on Friday’s.


  • DL: 275 x 2 and 300 x 1 with 3.5″ deficit
  • 4x Superset:10 x stiff leg deadlift 175 and KB goblet squats x 20
  • BS 5 sec Pause: 250
  • GPP: AB wheel and good mornings

Weight over the last 2-3 days: Wednesday evening last weight in 177.5; Thursday evening weigh in 182.5; weigh in Friday morning before meal 177.


  • 12 pm: chicken breast, veggie pasta (leftovers from wife), avocado…I forgot my veggies, FitAid
  • 3 pm – sunflower seeds
  • 6 pm – beef green beans, ice cream, dark chocolate covered Expresso beans
  • 8 pm – coconut milk

Learning Material:

  • Bible in 1 Year Series (2 days worth)
    • Time With Jesus
      1. Psalm 25:1-7. Time to look to God
        • take time each day to look to God in preparation for what lies ahead
        • ask for God’s mercy, forgiveness, help, guidance and deliverance
      2. Mark 6:30-56. Time alone with Jesus
        • Jesus said, ‘Come with me by yourselves to a quiet place.’ (v. 31)
        • Jesus can do a lot with a little, give to Him the little you have and He can multiply plenty
      3. Exodus 31:1-33:6. Time to receive help from God.
        • by the power of prayer it is possible to change the course of history
        • examples and warning for us are these destructive sins:
          1. self-indulgence
          2. promiscuity
          3. self-worship
          4. grumbling
    • How to Hear God
      1. Psalm 25:8-15. Hear the guidance of God
        • God instructs, guides, teaches and confides in his people
        • The people he guides: He guides the humble in what is rights and teaches them his way
        • The purpose of his guidance: God will never let you do something this in not unloving or unfaithful. All the ways of the Lord are loving and faithful
      2. Mark 7:1-30. Hear the word of God
      3. Exodus 33:7-35:35. Hear the plans of God
        • we need his presence and his peace
  • Stoicism
    • Who He Relies On Fortune Less…
      • “He who has relied on Fortune less has maintained his position best.” – Machiavelli
      • The problem with making wealth or status is that these things are not controlled by us, they are the domain of fortune. So are the opinions of the crowd, the weather forecast, or our good looks. They can be taken from us, changed, obscured in an instance.
      • The more you set your life up to be independent—to be indifferent—to these things, the more secure your position will be. The less you will be subject to that cruel, fickle mistress of fortune.
    • You Have No Idea How Other People Struggle
      • Stoic philosophy is self-discipline. Just because we are disciplines to not eat sugar or swear does not mean we should judge those who do
      • Leave other peoples mistakes to their makers
      • Focus on your own struggles. Leave others to their own struggles. Put judgement aside



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