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Road Trip Weekend Recap + Catching Up

My wife and I traveled out of town…back to my hometown (it was her hometown for a few years during grade school, but her parents have since moved back to original local) for a wedding for one of her friends. She was actually in the wedding as the maid or matron of honor, not sure the difference between the two. We left Friday in the morning and dropped my truck off to get the brakes and front end worked on by my family of mechanics. After arriving at home we dropped off our belonging and the dog. I then dropped her off at the reception hall for decorating and womanly duties of sorts. I proceeded to play golf with my uncle at a nearby course.

It was a beautiful yet windy day to play golf. I think this was the first time I played golf without my wife (she is my coach) so it was an experience when deciding what club to use when and where. Overall, I played much better than normal. That still does not say much considering my score looks like a bowling scorecard. I did manage to rip some tremendous tee shots (my weak point) and finished with two pars, bringing my lifetime total to…wait for it…three. It was fun and my uncle still beat me because he plays more often, although that won’t last too long once I practice and get more reps in.

Friday night we went to the rehearsal dinner, actually let me clarify I showed up for the food straight from golfing. We had to wake up early on Saturday because the girls were getting their day started at 8 am. I dropped of Shelby and went to Rusty’s gym (old stomping grounds) and trained arms and hit a front squat paused rep for 10 seconds at 225. After training I spent the rest of the day prior to the wedding playing with my dog, hitting golf balls in the yard with my brother and eating my moms home cooked Italian beef sandwiches. I asked her if she would make those for the weekend due to the fact I have not had those in forever. After that I joined my wife at the wedding ceremony and the reception. It was a nice wedding and I enjoyed myself, even though I knew a handful of people.

We left Sunday around 11 am after breakfast and picked up my truck. Cost me $160 for new brakes and rotors plus labor…effectively saving me some money over the mechanics shop. We spend the rest of the day relaxing, cleaning up and cooking food. I hit a quick 135 lb. front squat to keep the streak alive at 28 days as of 2/26/17.

Now that I am 5 days behind blogging my normal routine, I am going to squeeze it all in today’s post. Here we go!

Wake Up: 4:30 am. Wife trained first so I had a cup of bulletproof coffee. I had an interview yesterday for a PE teaching position, which lasted for 3.5 hours. I think it went well and depending on my answer to one question in which I was completely honest, I am confident about the position. After the interview, I raced home to change, let the dog out and make my meals for the work day. Oh, by the way I did wake up at 4 am and train before the interview. Today, I am catching up on lost reading from the weekend (to follow) and some light house chores.


  • Push Press 5RM buildup (65, 85, 105, 120, 135)
  • Overhead squat 3RM buildup (75, 95, 110, 120) been awhile since I did OHS
  • BB Row 10RM buildup (85, 105, 120, 135)
  • Front Squat pause 5 count (finished at 215) that bad food from the weekend caused some bracing issues and stomach was upset
  • 7 min. AMRAP of 10x Powerclean at 135 + 20x pushups (3 rounds + 10 PC)


  • 12 pm: beef, asparagus, seeds, Travelaid
  • 3 pm: apple and PB
  • 5 pm: chicken, broccoli, nuts, some Kings cake for fat Tuesday party at school
  • 8 pm: eggs

Learning Material:

  • Bible in 1 Year
    • Put First Things First. “Things which matter most should never be at the mercy of things which matter least.” Goethe
      1. Priority of relationship. Psalm 22:12-21
        • relationship with God is first priority
      2. Priorities of Jesus. Mark 1:29-2:17
        • Praying to God
        • Proclaiming the kingdom
        • Power evangelism
        • Priorities were God first, then people
      3. Priority of love. Exodus 19:1-20:26
        • God loves you (Ten Commandments: context is God’s love for you)
        • Love God (first 4 Commandments)
        • Love others (last six Commandments)
    • Sharpen Your Conscience. (Good and Evil)
      1. Beware of evil disguised as good. Proverbs 5:1-14
        • appeal and the danger of sexual temptation; have culture that encourages us to seek sexual ‘fulfillment.’
        • do not be deceived by temptation
      2. Decide about Jesus: good or evil? Mark 2:18-3:30
        • Was he evil?
        • Was he insane?
        • Is he God?
        • Jesus said that he is ‘the bridesgroom.’ He describes himself as ‘Lord even of the Sabbath.’
        • We are given the choice to decide
      3. Promote good and prevent evil. Exodus 21:1-22:31
        • laws were designed to limit evil
        • laws of ancient Israel sought to promote good
        • we do not follow rules and regulations just because we have to, but because they help us to treat each person as someone made in the image of God
    • Your Love Letter
      1. Proclaim the victory of Jesus. Psalm 22:22-31
      2. Embrace the words of Jesus. Mark 3:31-4:29
        • Jesus sees us a part of his family
        • relationship with Jesus is nurtured through the word of God, both by hearing the word and by putting it into practice
      3. Be a minister of the covenant of Jesus. Exodus 23:1-24:18
        • God’s agenda are the issues of justice and poverty
        • God says, ‘Do not follow the crowd in doing wrong…Do not pervert justice by siding with the crowd.’
    • God Loves Me
      1. My Shepherd. Psalm 23:1-6
        • God has a great purpose for your life. Let Him guide you
      2. My Host. Psalm 23:1-6
        • He satisfies the hunger in your soul with a feast
      3. My Lord. Mark 4:30-5:20
        • A crisis tests your faith. Jesus wants you to learn to conquer your fears and trust him even in the middle of the storms of life
        • use what you have and God will multiply it many times over
      4. My Guide. Exodus 25:1-26:37
        • God is a shepherd who guides us even in the small details
      5. My Saviour. Exodus 25:1-26:37
        • Jesus
    • How to Meet with God
      1. Awesome privilege. Psalm 24:1-10
        • God is might creator and a glorious King
        • ‘the one who has clean hands and a pure heart, who does not trust in an idol.’
        • through the blood of Jesus can I be made holy
      2. Act of faith. Mark 5:21-6:6
        • reach our to Jesus for help
        • Jesus said, ‘don’t be afraid, just believe.’
      3. Access through Jesus. Exodus 27:1-28:43
  • Stoicism (3 days)
    • Either Say Something, Or Let it Go
      • ever been stuck on a place next to a smelly, rude person…invading your personal space and ignoring the rules of basic human etiquette? Staring at them, composing a letter in your hear to the airline, texting a friend to complain… these are just ways to cope with an unkindly situation.
      • Either say something or let it go. Those are the only two options within your control. Take a proactive step to resolve the situation, even if that means becoming a little uncomfortable or confrontational, or stop thinking about it and move on. Everything else is a waste.
    • A Good Reminder of History
      • All of us will be humbled by the passage of time. All of us will be humbled by irrelevance.
      • Truthfully, who is completely remembered throughout history for their works? Not just over a few generations, but over the course of life long history? It is hard to definitely say what famous people actually did hundreds or thousands of years ago. Even some of the most popular names in history I cannot describe who or what they stand for or did.
    • Our Circle of Concern is Small…and Large
      • We are citizens of the world just as we are members of of our own families.
      • We must make sure we aren’t so self-obsessed that our individual actions come at the expense of other nameless, faceless people far away.
      • There is an importance of taking a global view, but what really matters is our individual actions and immediate sphere of influence.
  • Working on finishing up the book; i: A Guide for Young Entrepreneurs by Adrian Clark



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