Daily Blogs

Feb. 23 Thursday

Wake up 5:30 am. Slept in because the wife went out for national margarita day and came home a little late. We also had to take her car into the shop again this morning to get the sunroof fixed. Reminder: never buy another vehicle with a sunroof (it just adds another potential expense to the vehicle if something breaks).

Hosted a bench press and 1 minute push up contest for Rec Sports at school today. Overall, it went pretty well with more people participating then in years past. There were not many serious lifters (2-3), but I was happy to see people come out and give it a try.

My wife and I are heading out of town tomorrow for a wedding that she is apart of. It is located in my hometown, in which case we will be staying at my old house growing up. I am hoping to visit with some family members while there, play some golf and of course lift.


  • 8 set tri-set: Supported behind the neck military press (4×20 at 65#; 4×10 at 75#) + banded face pulls ( x 12 reps w/ red band) + DB arrows (x 12 reps w/ 10#)
  • 5 set tri-set: Incline chest support DB winding press (x 12 reps w/ 10#) + DB lateral raises (2 x incline laterals w/ 10# x 12 reps; 3 x lateral raises w/ 10# x 12 reps) + barbell shrugs (2 x normal & 2 x behind back w/ 135# x 20 reps; 1 set of overhead shrugs x 20 reps w/ barbell)
  • Front Squat w/ belt: 95, 135, 160, 185, 205, 225, 250, missed 275 (felt better than last attempt previously)
  • Banded Good Mornings 3 x 20 w/ green band
  • Lunge walking x 12 minutes

Weight before first meal: 177.8; weight after meal: 179; weight after 2nd meal: 178.8


  • 12 pm: ground turkey, broccoli, sweet potato, 1/2 avocado
  • 3 pm: fresh veggies and nuts
  • 5 pm: chicken, asparagus, sweet potato, 1/2 avocado
  • 8:30 pm: salmon, PB, banana

Learning Material:

  • Bible in 1 Year
    • The Highs and Lows of Life
      1. Psalm 22:1-11. Trust that ultimately suffering will end in victory
        • importance of trust at out very low points, remembering suffering does not have the last word
        • Jesus, even after being at the lowest point in his life by suffering on the cross and at the hands of the people still trusted in God. This led to the greatest victory of mankind
      2. Mark 1:1-28. Grow in authority through the battles and blessings
        • do not be surprised by the spiritual attack that follows great spiritual experiences.
        • Jesus emerged from a period of testing with an authority to :
          1. authority to evangelise
          2. authority to lead
          3. authority to teach
          4. authority to heal
      3. Exodus 17:1-18:27. Pray and act to turn the lows into highs
        • support and encourage one another
        • learn how to delegate – so not wear oneself out (capable people; spiritual people; people of character – trustworthy, loyal, reliable)
  • Stoicism
    • The Key To The Good Life? Indifference
      • “To live a good life: We have the potential for it. If we can learn to be indifferent to what makes no difference.” – Marcus Aurelius
      • things that make no difference, things outside of your control cease to affect you and bother you
      • bring attention to only things that you can control and problems that can disturb you and focus on items solely in your control
      • does it really matter if someone cuts in front of line; does it matter if your co-worker disrupts you; does it really matter if you have a sore throat or cold. All of these things are going to happen…so treat them as it doesn’t matter and focus on what you can control.


  • Seriously, I am learning not to be afraid of failure. Nobody likes failure or enjoys the feeling of losing out. Learning how to fail in the gym and actually failing is teaching me how to deal with failure in life…of course I do not mean true failure because failure only really occurs when you quit trying and give up. There has been several attempts recently for me to break new ground in my training, only to come up short or to miss a lift. I used to be afraid of missing a lift. I didn’t want to appear weak or be the guy in the gym who missed.
  • Today, I welcome the opportunity to fail in the gym because that means I am pushing myself in the right direction. I am pushing my limits higher and higher. I want more! This transition has carried over to my personal life as well in terms of failure. I used to get so bummed out if I didn’t get hired for a job or did something the wrong way and it failed. I used to care too much about what I couldn’t control that it would hurt me if I failed at it…being the guy who missed a lift (sure I control that, but I can’t control how others respond); or being pissed off because I didn’t get the promotion and told the company to F off when I left.
  • In life you cannot always win. I learned that the hard and I am continuing to learn it. My days of failing are not over. I just learned how to turn the experience into a moment of learning outcomes. I realized that I would never hit my goals or set the bar high enough if I was not willing to fail. I’ve failed more times lifting in the past two years then I did in the first 13 years. The willingness to lay it on the line has taught me to set the bar high and chase it. I am not afraid to fail. I will continue to come back and hunt until I succeed. That is not to say I do not worry or sometimes do not have a clear cut path, but I can’t be afraid to fail. 

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