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Weekend Recap: Feb 18-19


Wake up 630 a.m. Trained with Ryan slightly earlier than normal and made it rather quick due to daily plans and it was wet outside. We did Incline bench up to 185 (my incline bench is crappy so the actual angle is not suited well for that), Biceps and Triceps 5 set tri-set each and then Front squat 10 count pause up to 205.

Shelby and I then went and picked up her new mountain bike and had mine quickly inspected after wearing it over the last month. We bought a car transport for the bikes so we can use her can to travel with them as well. I still need to rig up something in my truck bed. I have a Toyota Tacoma so the bed is small and short.

I had to facilitate a men’s club basketball game at 1 p.m. for the school on Saturday as well. It was a rescheduled game from later in the season. Honestly, who schedules a club basketball game for 1 p.m. on a Saturday? Lets put a game smack dab in the middle of everyone’s weekend plans. If it were up to me I would schedule it for 10 a.m. and let everyone know either you make it or oh well. This way the kids and families can still enjoy the bulk of their weekend plans without any major interruptions. My two cents speaking here only.

After finishing up with the game, Shelby and I decided not to waste such a beautiful day. We loaded up the bikes on the transport carrier to her car (which took some time to figure out) and proceeded to the nearest trails. The location had only paved trails totaling about 13 or so miles across the Spring Creek Greenway. We thought best to stick to paved trails the first time out to get used to the bikes and exploring gears. In total we rode for about 55 minutes and traveled just over 10 miles total. We had a blast riding and enjoying our time together.

We finished the day with a date night out to dinner and some shopping at the mall. Overall, it was a great day…minus the nutrition part; of which was planned to eat a little dirty on Saturdays.


I woke up Sunday morning at 6 a.m. in order to get an early start on the grocery shopping. Traffic, waiting in line and afternoon shoppers on Sunday are not something I like to engage in. My thought is why waste my valuable time fighting traffic when I could have skipped all of it by waking up early and get going. I was the first and only customer at Sprouts when they opened at 7 a.m. The store employees were putting out all the fresh produce and meats, which I proceeded to buy. After finishing up at Sprouts I went to HEB to finish my grocery shopping. HEB was actually a little busier than normal for 7:45 a.m. on a Sunday morning, but I still saved a ton of time by knocking out the shopping early.

After returning home from shopping, Shelby and I went to church. We stopped by Kroger to get some seafood (because when you get to the store too early they don’t always have the fresh meat/seafood counter ready yet) on the way home. Β Best part of the day was pancakes, eggs and bacon for lunch. After lunch I spent the next several hours outside cleaning the garage and performing some maintenance on the vehicles. I also hit a quick front squat at 135 lbs. to keep the #squatlife streak going (21 days). We spent the later afternoon hours cooking and hanging out with each other. Overall, it was nice day.


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