Daily Blogs

February 17

Wake Up 530am. Sleeping in today since I normally workout in the evenings on Friday with my neighbor, weekend training partner and friend Ryan. I get off work early on Fridays in comparison to the rest of the week, although I have to return tonight for a school related club basketball game.


  1. 3 min lunges
  2. BS: 5×2 at 205 speed reps
  3. Deadlift 5×2 at 235 speed reps
  4. Sumo deadlift high pull 5×5 at 95,115,125,135×2
  5. Toes to bar 5×5
  6. Calf raises 5×12 with 135


  1. Eggs and oats w/ honey
  2. two granola bars
  3. sushi – spicy California
  4. Beef, brussel sprouts, 1/2 avocado
  5. Beef, sweet potatoes.                          
  1. Learning Material:
  1. Read 10 minutes of The Compound Effect – one chapter left to finish
  2. Listened to 2 quick podcasts: The Order of Man & The School of Greatness
    1. Order of Man – be a man of your word: The Burden of Proof
    2. The School of Greatness – Be the hardest worker w/ Steve Weatherford
  3. Bible in One Year
    • Use it or Lose it
      1. God’s faithfulness Psalm 18:43-50
        • unfailing kindness
      2. A life of faithfulness Matthew 25:14-46
        • be faithful with whatever you have been given
        • to be faithful means to use the gifts and abilities that God has given you
        • Use them or lose them (money, gifts, skills, time, energy, education, intellect, strength, influence and opportunities)
        • faithfulness to Jesus is shown in what we do for the most vulnerable and most needy in our world
          1. the hungry (millions of people struggle with and die from starvation; I am willing to give to those who are hungry
          2. the stranger (homeless, refugees and asylum seekers – I struggle with this concept because as i have seen in today’s world people can easily take advantage of or secretly wish to harm you. Trying to figure this one out is tough. I sympathize with those people, but I still worry about my family and I safety and security first; also I do not want to be taken advantage of nor am too willing to help those who are not at least willing to help themselves in any fashion.
          3. the sick
          4. the prisoners (after having worked in a county jail for 2 years, this one is tough as well; there are some prisoners who did make a mistake and welcome ministry. Then there are prisoners who seem so far removed from goodness I find it hard to be around them for even one second.
      3. Job’s faithfulness. Job 40:3-42:17
    • How to Live in a Hostile Environment
      1. Study God’s revelation. Psalm 19:1-6
        • we see God’s footprint in the world
        • creation of us and the world
        • Is there not a voice or language that is not heard?
      2. Understand God’s solution. Matthew 26:1-30
        • Plotting: we should not be surprised by the world’s hostility to Jesus and to Christians today
        • Accusations: most people understand your works of social action (poverty or hunger), but they find it harder to understand worship of Jesus and all things associated with it. They regard this as ‘waste’ and think of ways to better spend time and money.
        • Betrayal: What people will do for money!
      3. Know who God is. Exodus 1:1-3:22
        • the answer to all our questions and problems is not to be found in who we are but in who God is
    • Five Excuses
      1. Wisdom Way – Proverbs 4:10-19
        • there are two ways: the path of the wicked and the way of wisdom; avoid the evil ways of the world; follow God’s guidance
      2. Your Way – Matthew 26:31-46
        • do it God’s way; importance of the prayer ‘your will be done’
      3. God’s Way – Exodus 4:1-6:12
        • Five excuses:
          1. ‘You have got the wrong person’ – may not feel good enough or adequate, but God says ‘I will be with you’
          2. ‘I am not ready yet’ – may not know what to say or do…or even have all the answers; God will give you the message at the right time
          3. ‘I might fail’ – what happens if it doesn’t work out?
          4. ‘I do not have the skills’ – God’s strength is made perfect in our weaknesses
          5. ‘Someone else will do it’ – God will send help

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