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Do The Hard Things

Today, I met my former everyday training partner at the gym he trains at currently. We started lifting together in summer 2015 and did well for over a year before I branched out and built my own garage gym. He managed to switch gyms in the process (an upgrade i must say). Every so often we still train together and today was that day.

We did not go light either. We followed one of our favorite fitness industry leaders’ programs and absolutely let it all hang out. To be exact, we followed Get Stacked 20 by Cory Gregory (Monday week 1) workout. It went as follows:

  1. Superset warm up: reverse hyper 3 x 15; ab wheels 3 x 5 w/ 5 count pause in rolled position
  2. Low bar, wide stance Good Mornings (work up to daily 3RM): 135, 155, 175, 185
  3. 8 set superset w/ low rest for Back: V-bar pulldowns x 12 (lbs. range 110-> 70) and chest supported incline DB rows x 12 (40 -> 25)
  4. 6 set Triset w/ low rest for Back: Wide grip pullups max then finish with lat pulldowns until 10 total reps (lbs. 100)…normally I could do the pullups but I was pumped from the previous superset; plus DB incline arrows x 15 (10lbs) plus 1 arm DB rows x 15 (40 -> 30).
  5. DB pullovers 3 x 12 at 55lbs.
  6. Front Squat 1 count pause: 135, 155, 175, 195, 215, 225
  7. GHD 3 x 5
  8. 5 min. walking lunges with weighted vest (25# for me and 50# for Josue)
  9. And then came the hard part…600lb tractor tire out back we came across while lunging. I flipped it over about 6 times. Josue struggled to pick it up. I know he can lift it, but he lacked technique and experience (also maxed out at that point). Something to work on. I’ve seen several strong enough people fail to execute an exercise due to lack of experience. I’ve lifted tires and similar objects/motions most of my life. Josue just needs to learn how to use his body in that situation to muster the strength to lift it properly (which is also the easy way). In due time my friend.

The moral of the story is there were several times throughout the workout we would look at each other with that expression on our faces saying, “Are We DONE Yet!” We chugged along, pushing each other to give it our best though. Once the final bell rang, we walked away satisfied, accomplished, pumped and drenched in a sweaty mess.

The tractor flip wasn’t part of the original plan until it came across our path. I wasn’t leaving the gym until I gave it a run though. Although I was able to flip it about 6 times in total, it was no easy task. Ultimately, I was motivated to just give it hell. I wanted to push myself and DO THE HARD THINGS today.

Do not get me wrong, we both work hard in the weight room each day. However, there is something about having that partner you trust to push you to your limits that is undeniably satisfying. I got better today. I know Josue got better today. We left the gym knowing we did the HARD THINGS today.



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