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Effort is a Choice

“Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t. Your’re right.” -Henry Ford

You have the ability to control your own destiny. We all do. You will get out what you put into life. Put in %50 effort, get %50 results and success.

It all comes down to EFFORT…and you have control over it.

If you are complaining about the way life is going, but not giving full effort in the things you should be; you have lost all credibility for your excuses and all ability to complain.

Sometimes we fall. Sometimes we don’t win. Sometimes we miss the shot. You never lose though when you give %100 effort. There will always be an element to build upon with max effort, even in times of defeat.

The skills, the knowledge and the confidence will come in due time.

The answer is simple. The solution is within you. It is on YOU!

You make the choices. You create the choices. You have the ability to choose.



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