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Failure & Success: Part II

No longer do we FEAR failure.


We understand now that success is a byproduct of failure. The space between each failure is a huge contributing factor to your successes. It is in these times that you find the WAY. You find your TRUTH. You find your ANSWERS. You find your SUCCESS. You come to know who YOU are.

Today’s emphasis on failure and success is simple, sweet and short:

Fail faster so you can WIN quicker.

If failing or ‘figuring out 10,000 ways it won’t work’ is all part of the process we must endure to receive success; why would you put off failing longer than you need? Sure, you might not realize you are currently failing or missing something in your pursuit of success. This is completely normal at times.

For the sake of conquering your demons on the way to finding success, why would you delay and put off failing longer than necessary. I believe it all goes back to fear of rejection and failure. Even though we cleared the air on what failure is yesterday, fear of “NO” and rejection will always curse the human heart and mind. However, when the day comes that you step out of the shadows of FEAR and realize that failing is truly on failing when you quit and give up, the sooner you can move on full steam ahead towards WINNING.

Embrace it. Welcome it. Seek it out. Let it happen.

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Let go of fear. Let go of the uncertainty hiding behind the outcomes you are working towards. Do not shy away from rejection.

Learn to accept the failures and mishaps you encounter. Use them as teaching tools. The quicker you learn to accept not getting it right the first time, the sooner you are able to turn it around and find a way to get it right the next time. This way you win QUICKER.

You are not done until you are DONE. The faster you fail and learn from it the sooner you win and find SUCCESS.

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