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Failure & Success: Part I

Success. Is thought of in a positive light, through happiness and self-worth.

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Failure. Is feared, dark and brings about negative feelings.

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This is how we see and feel success and failure typically.

I speak confidently when I say that most people have heard or seen the following quote by Thomas Edison in his work with creating the light bulb:

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Failure only truly happens when you FAIL TO TRY. If you try and work hard during the process and do not find success, do not assume you have failed. It might just be you haven’t found the formula for success yet.

There might have been one component missing. You might have started out wrong or finished without all the thoughts and ideas required to reach success. The takeaway from each “failure” is growth. It should serve as a learning experience. What did you get out of not succeeding or what is missing that is needed for a successful completion?

Like Edison said, “I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work,” we too have stumbled along the path finding ways that have not lead to success. The difference between FAILURE and the roadblocks you encounter is when you quit or stop trying. You can only truly FAIL when you QUIT or STOP trying.

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Stop fearing failure or looking at failure with a negative connotation. Embrace the suck. Use what you learned from failing to succeed in order to figure out how to succeed. I doubt any one inventor, entrepreneur, athlete or president ever found success the first go around. We all learn through failing…or as I prefer, “found 10,000 ways that won’t work.”

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To the readers:

I hope failure and fear do not paralyze you. Ask yourself what can I learn from this. How can this help me get it right? What part of not getting right is going to help me succeed? If this failure is not the way, what am I not seeing and how can I right the ship towards success?

There is no shame in failing and continuing to work at it.

You only fail when you QUIT.

Never Give UP. Never Give IN.

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To be continued (Part II)…



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