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Ability to Say “NO”

Don’t be a “YES” man/woman. Not directed at your boss, your co-workers, your wife/husband, your kids, your family and your friends. I am talking about the ability to say NO to yourself.

Can I take a day off?…YES

Should I get that Starbucks coffee?…YES

Do I have to get up right now, I can just hit the snooze button right?…YES

Too many times we have lost the ability for self control. We see something and immediately have to have it, or we lose just a touch of discipline and we talk ourselves out of being productive. I did this exact same thing this morning. I went to bed late and had the alarm set for normal and did not want to get up and workout to start my day. I told myself it was OK to sleep a little bit longer and catch up on the workout later today.

Well folks…sometimes later never comes. Or sometimes it does and it is not pretty. We must have the discipline to say “NO” to ourselves. No, I do not need to spend $5 at Starbucks for a coffee I could have made at home for < 50 cents. No, I will not put off for tomorrow what I CAN do today.

Those bad habits of telling yourself YES will add up over time. Three times a week you go to Starbucks instead of brewing yourself a coffee at home. $60 a month later…you wonder what happened to your car insurance money. Hit the snooze button today and miss your workout. Next morning rolls around and the alarm goes off…well I was able to hit snooze yesterday and I felt fine; one more day won’t hurt me right? Worse of all is when a new item hits stores and you go out and buy. IPhone 7 just hit stores with a price tag of $750. You already have it in your head that you need a new phone…the IPhone 6 just will not cut it.

We all fall into this trap time and time again. Like every other time we end up scratching our heads going, “why did I just spend that money I do not have?”

The ability to say “NO” is a tough concept to grasp. It is not impossible though. Once you get on the road of being able to tell yourself NO, it gets easier over time. Then you get to a point and realize you didn’t need that coffee and phone or getting out of bed when the alarm goes off feels much better than missing a workout at the end of the day.

It takes DISCIPLINE to be able to say NO to yourself. It might be easy to say NO to others, but no one likes to feel rejected, including when you tell your own self NO. Having the ability to say NO to yourself from time to time has the ability to save not only money, but also your well-being. I feel good about myself knowing I didn’t skip out on my daily tasks/habits or wasting my hard earned money only to see it gone as soon as I get it.

One of the best ways to get out of the trap of financial woes, boredom, poor health and lack of motivation is to have the ability to tell yourself “NO” when it is appropriate and necessary. It all boils down to being disciplined.



3 thoughts on “Ability to Say “NO”

    1. Thanks! I have been working on that with myself and my family. Be debt free on saving more on the financial side and feel better overall living the simple life and sticking to my goals/habits. Sometimes its tough sledding though

      Liked by 1 person

      1. It is! And it definitely helps to see somebody else going through the same thing knowing I’m not the only one struggling lol. Keep up the good work though and look forward to seeing more post !


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