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November: Ask Why

Always as why. Why am I writing blogs? Why would anyone want to read to my blogs? What’s my purpose and why?

I have refrained from writing blogs the last several weeks in order to help answer those questions. Currently, I do not have a legitimate answer for why I blog narrowed down. I have ideas and thoughts, but no clear cut direction just yet. Without that precise why, I am wasting your time and my time.

Moving forward I hope to find the “Why” to my goal in writing. In the meantime I will attempt to write at least one blog post per week recapping important details and at least one post about a specific topic (s). Hopefully, this will give me a sense of direction and keep me fresh on the trail of acquiring good writing skills.

Until next time…


3 thoughts on “November: Ask Why

  1. I write to help other people, especially recovering alcoholics. And I also write to let the normal person in on the magic that is living with the program in a way that sneaks up on them… The rest is gravy and fun.


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