Harder To Kill

Harder to Kill. Stronger. Faster. Bigger. Enduring.

Being harder to kill is my redeveloped overall goal. With regards to a few sources I follow, listen and watch…I have finally found a FOCUS point with regards to not only my physical training, but mental training as well.

I must give the credit where credit is due before I move on any further. End of Three Fitness is a great resource of training, nutrition and life related materials. It was there I discovered an actual program or slogan of, “Harder to Kill.” The second source is from the lyrics of Rob Bailey and the Hustle Standard songs. There are several allusions of being tough, gritty, harder to kill, high achieving and so on. One such lyrical allusion that I find fitting is, “there will not be enough people to bury the dead.” These lyrics represent Rob Bailey’s effort, determination, hustle and work that it takes to kill it in the business world and beyond.

While one source is more committed to actual training than the other, I can take a part of each one and combine it with my past influences to create my own FOCUS point…SLOGANS or MOTTO or CREED, whatever have you. EO3 Fitness and Rob Bailey might have helped me focus my intentions and put words on paper for me, but it was my childhood and my father who helped shape my inner ambitions, thoughts and life focus.

I grew up in the country. I grew up on a couple hundred of acres owned by my mother’s side of the family. I grew up with access to hundreds of more acres thanks to good-hearted neighbors. I grew up with what I would like to consider FREEDOM. Freedom to explore the countryside, my mind and my physical abilities. My childhood and teen years was spent canvassing acres of plains, woods, rivers, oceans and mountains, with the oceans and mountains stemming from vacations.

My father was/is a big advocate of hard work, effort, hustle and being stronger, faster and bigger than the average person. For those of you who grew up in the country with acreage, you probably know it is quite hard to be “bored” and that there is always work to be done. Let make something clear real quick. My grandparents were ranchers, but that lifestyle was lost after my grandfather passed. The rest of family never continued down that road and I was still rather young when he passed. We did though still tend to the land, the buildings, the infrastructure and so on.

When I mentioned never being bored in the country I really meant that outside of the FREEDOM to explore, the translation of saying “I’m bored” was followed by my father saying, “let’s go outside and work.” Owning property, over a certain amount of acres (say 25-50 or more) is similar to having a full time job. There is always work to be done. Fences needed mending, trees needed to be cut, pasture shredded, shop cleaned or fixed…the list goes on. Oh! I must have forgot to mention, but this was only my immediate family owned. I would help out my grandparents with work and assist my uncle with any jobs he needed help with on his acreage, of which he did provide payment for services.

All that being said and with all the manual labor I grew up performing, I must say that I was a little stronger, slightly bigger (for my size and leanness that is) and with much more endurance than most kids my age. Basically, I grew up performing tough, dirty and down right enduring acts and tests of manual labor. These acts of tough labor were not the only tasks I did that made me “harder to kill” than the next guy though. I played sports from an early age and began weightlifting at 13 (thanks to my dad), which only further compounded my ability to be stronger, tougher and…HARDER TO KILL.

Do not confuse my thought of being harder to kill with a Seal Team 6 member. My intention is to be able to handle anything life throws at me at any given moment on any given day. I want to physically be able to handle anything life throws at me. I want to be able to endure anything in life by being well educated in a number of topics and matters and be able to control and handle my emotions, stress and internal conflicts.

I have continued to pursue physical activity with purpose, passion and intent on a daily basis. I also make it a priority to learn something new everyday; to read or listen to books in order to gain knowledge; to seek out mentors; and to teach myself various things that may be beneficial to my survival. I literally want to be HARDER TO KILL, both physically and mentally. Although I currently do not live in the country and do not perform the physical labor I once did on a consistent basis, I take an approach to keep myself physically ready to jump back in an instant and be able to do any task necessary.

WHY? I never know when life will throw me a curve ball. I just want to be ready, willing and able to conquer it. I have been blessed in this life to not have dealt with any tragic or major event (sub 1 time) that truly required me to harness that HARDER TO KILL self. Four years ago I was riding a cruiser out in the scenic country roads and came across a recently paved downhill left turn back uphill when I scraped a rough spot filled with loose gravel and lost the front end. I was traveling around 50-60 mph when this happened. I slid off in the ditch and tumbled several times. Wearing a helmet, I was able to stand right back up and walk away from the accident with nothing more than road burns and scrapes and a few puncture wounds that scraped away a rather large chunk of muscle tissue near my left elbow. I truly believe and my dad even confirmed it that I was able to walk away with minor injuries from a motorcycle wreck because of my previous experiences with tough work, weightlifting and sports combination.

Although the motorcycle accident was a unfortunate circumstance, it is situations like those that I train for in order to be HARDER TO KILL. You never know what situations you may find yourself in. You may be out in West Texas in the middle of nowhere and the car breaks down. You do not have cell service at this point and the likelihood of another car passing you is slim. What do you do? A natural disaster inundates the area you live, sparing your life initially. The aftermath, well it may be hell trying to survive, but are you able to? The second story of your house is on fire after a tree branch falls through the roof during a lightning store, knocking your family member unconscious. You are the only immediate hope of rescuing them. Are you able to withstand the heat and smoke and then muscle up in order to carry them to safety?

The situations above might be extreme and most often unlikely. I still want to be HARDER TO KILL in all those scenarios. Even the not so extreme tasks you might find yourself in such as jumping fences, pushing a car out of the middle of the road, lugging furniture to the third story of an apartment building…it truly does not matter the case. I want to be HARDER TO KILL. I do not mean that literally in all situations, because it is unlikely to die from moving furniture or pushing a car (although it is still possible mind you). ¬†Frankly, I want to be able to accomplish anything life puts in front of me.

You’re capable of much more than you think. The mind quits before the body does. “I can’t” just means “I don’t want to.” Know the difference.

Not only do I want to physically strong and tough, I want to be mentally strong and tough. The body will outlast the mind when the mind weakens. My purpose for reading/listening/watching books, videos, mentors, etc. is not for entertainment. I want to learn and grow so that I can create and form a stable, yet strong foundation of knowledge for myself. The mental awareness created from consistent learning has done wonders for myself. The more you ask “WHY” the more you are able to know. The more you know the more you grow. Knowledge has no boundaries. Knowledge is power. With knowledge, I have the power over myself to maintain a strong and healthy mental capacity. I want to learn. I want to acquire knowledge. I want to grow. Both mentally and physically.

The culmination of physical prowess and mental fortitude is what HARDER TO KILL boils down to. How do I plan on becoming HARDER TO KILL? It is simple folks.

Never Stop Learning.

Have a Daily Strategy.

Train Like Hell.

Do the Tough Things.



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