Daily Blogs

10/6 Beatdown

Wake Up 5am

I did not train in the AM. I was so beat up and tired from the last few days of work, getting up early and going to bed late that I was not feeling the early morning lifting. I did stay up and spend time with the wife in the morning…or least entertain her some while she got ready for work.


PM: Front Squat work (upper back is tight kept dipping my elbows), kipping practice, HSPU practice; 125 weighted crunches; superset Toes to bar + cable crunch


Instead of fasting i did a refeed day (my weight was maintained from when I first started, but i was super hungry today). I will be back on the fasting tomorrow and continue. I might put a refeed day in there from time to time.

7-10am: eggs, bacon, salad w/carrots and cucumbers; almond milk, peanut butter; muffins

1:30pm: chicken, veggies, avocado

5:30pm: chicken, veggies, coconut oil

8:00pm: sweet potato, banana and peanut butter

Daily strategy:

  1. Mobility WOD
  2. Recover – my brain was shot…my body was OK! I needed a mental rest day of sorts. I did not strain much on the mental side today.

Motivation Video:

This one comes from Crossfit.com and shows how a PE teacher and CF coach has changed the outlook of an elementary school here in the states.


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