Daily Blogs

Hump Day 10/5 #Squatober

Wake Up 5am


AM: Back Squat 3RM all pauses up to 225, Superset: DB Incline press + Lat Pulldown, superset: bench press + 1 arm DB row, superset: machine flyes + DB pullover…(all three set supersets)

PM: 125 weighted crunches, superset x 4 rounds of toes to bar + cable crunch, MobilityWOD 10min work


12pm: venison backstrap, veggies, avocado

3pm: carrots and cucumber snack

5pm: chicken, veggies, nuts, coconut oil

9pm: muffins, sweet potato, peanut butter


Daily strategy:

  1. Listen to Entrepreneur or Wantrepreneur audiobook
  2. MobilityWOD
  3.  Budget updates

Today was another long day at work. Didn’t have much time outside of work to focus on personal development. The hours just do not match up right now.

Daily Motivation: It is the truth in any job/career or in my case how my time is being used (if you want my time, no matter what it is…outside of my family, you better produce or provide for me something worthy of my time for me to take that time out of my day).


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