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3 Things the IRON Taught Me

  1. Consistency –

    Let me start out with the following meme:


How does this play into consistency? Once you pick up the weights, that feeling you get on your first pump or the PR you just hit…a whole new feeling overwhelms you. That voice in your head is saying, “lift some more, gotta get bigger arms, i want to see those brick abs, gotta hit that new squat PR…” and the list goes on. Well, none of those will ever be possible without consistency. An aesthetic pleasing body, a 1000+ poung (bench, squat, deadlift combo), sub 2:00 min Fran time…whatever it may be to YOU; none of that is possible without consistency. None of that is possible without being consistent in your training, diet and recovery.

The Iron does not discriminate. It does not care if you are hurt, sick, on vacation, feel bad, or just don’t feel like picking it up for a month. It takes consistent work to build a aesthetic body or a 500lb squat. Benchmarks like that do not happen overnight and cannot be held without consistent work. Once you get there, the only way to stay there and keep on climbing higher, stronger, more aesthetic is to keep on grinding day in and day out. Consistency is the only way you get to have it and consistency is the only way you get to keep it. The same can be said about life’s adventures. It takes consistency to build and create a better lifestyle. Life does not give you days off either, you must be consistent if you want to live and to thrive.

The meme above may not be relevant to all those who train with the IRON, but the message is clear: “you cannot get as big (or strong, fast, WOD master, bodybuilding champ…etc.) if you are not consistent. The IRON is consistent. It never changes, never discriminates, never weighs more or less and never quits.

            2. Discipline –

It it simple folks. To accomplish anything in life, it takes discipline. You have to be disciplined to the things necessary to reach your goals, even when you do not want to. The IRON does not discriminate on discipline either. There are days when I do not feel like working out, eating healthy or do anything remotely related to my goals as well.

My goal is reach 1000 + lbs. minimum (1200 on my mind) on the Big 3. I have been so close several times and then my discipline and/or consistency fades (some due to injuries sustained elsewhere, job related stress/change, family matter, etc.) for a bit. Minus a few times due to sports/auto accident injuries, I have never missed more than a week in the gym. I am disciplined in my approach to my overall fitness, health and goals. Sure we all suffer from time to time, I mean we are human right? But it is discipline that keeps us coming back, day in and day out, to get better and to help us reach our goals and then set new ones. It is my discipline that has kept me in the game so long.

Like I mentioned early, the IRON does not discriminate not does it care if you are tired. You have to be disciplined to continue to pick that sh*t up and train. You have to be disciplined to stick with a program you know works and will take you where you want to be. You have to be disciplined to eat healthy on a consistent basis and recover properly. Without any discipline in your training and recovery, the Iron will beat your a$$ into the ground every single time.

Discipline in life is a must as well. If you want to maintain an A average in school or get a Doctorates, you must be disciplined to do what it takes. If you want to build a business or work your way up the corporate ladder, you must be disciplined to do what it takes.


            3. Effort –

Effort is a choice. It truly does take a ton of effort to pick up that damn IRON on a consistent basis. Lifting weights is not easy. If it were…and the effort level were not so demanding, then more people might actually lift weights. That is not the case though unfortunately. The IRON lifestyle is tough sledding. It requires a ton of effort to not only pick it up and put it down, but to train with it in the ways you are using it. The effort it takes to build a body, build a strong deadlift and kick major butt in Crossfit WODs is no easy task. It also requires years of effort to learn how to use the Iron to your advantage and truly see the full effects of that effort come to life. In my years, I have seen plenty of people come in and leave the Iron game on a regular basis. I am no great athlete, body-builder, powerlifter, etc. , but I still get told/asked, “kyle you look great, what are you doing?” My response is, I put in EFFORT…compounded over time with discipline.

You are only as good or great as the effort you give. You only get out what you put in. Have you ever heard those old sayings? They speak volumes about effort. You get what you give. The effort you put into something, the return will mimic that effort. The Iron takes a ton of effort to use, but if done consistently, with great discipline and tremendous effort…the ROI, the effects, the outcomes, whatever it may be will be worth it. It will be worth the investment. It will be worth the time. It will be worth the EFFORT. The Iron game is tough, but at the end of the day you get out what you put in…similar to life.


I have no plans or intention on stopping training and living the IRON game. IRON has taught me a lot about myself and about life. The three most important aspects being consistency, discipline and effort. Without those three in sync, I would be wasting my time in the gym. I would be wasting my time in pursuit of my passion, my purpose and my vision as well. The COMPOUND EFFECT is all truth. CONSISTENT daily strategy + DISCIPLINE over matters pertaining to your vision + EFFORT = SUCCESS.



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