Daily Blogs

10/4 Continuation of #Squatober

Wake up: 4am


AM: Front squat paused up to 185, hang cleans (5×5 @ 95), shrugs + lying side laterals superset, pullups + banded good mornings + GHR back ext. superset, 400m lunges.


Daily Strategy:

  1. Spend time studying for teacher exam (which didn’t happen; i spent more time at work then i thought i would)
  2. spend time on mobility work
  3. listen to audiobook whenever possible – Entrepreneur or Wantrepreneur by Cory Gregory and John Fosco
  4. Budget Update

Today is going to be a busy day at the job. Hosting a blood drive today and tomorrow from 8 to 2pm. Have a comedian coming to campus at noon. Squat contest at 3pm. Basketball practice from 4-6pm. I do not consider my current job status as part of my daily strategy, because this is just a stepping stone to the next level. What I do at the job matters, but it is not on the larger scale of personal development and daily strategy to get where I WANT to be. I do try my best and learn from any situation that I believe to help with personal development, but I do not actually consider these situations as part of MY daily strategy.


12:30pm – venison ground beef, veggies, nuts

5:00pm – chicken, veggies, nuts

8:30pm- eggs, sweet potato, muffins homemade yummy



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