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The Daily Strategy

Do you just wake up some days without a game plan?

Do you just wake up some days without FOCUS?

I bet you wake up days where the entire day is planned out as well. The days that are planned out, even if things do not go the way as planned is still part of some bigger overall strategy though.

For example, the big game is this Saturday and several buddies and you are planning to be at the stadium by 7 a.m. to get the tailgate started. You have all the food and drinks planned out and ready to go. The tailgating games are all packed and ready to go. The friends and family invites are all ready to be sent out. When the game starts, you will find yourself in the sea of (insert color) rooting for your favorite team for the next three hours. After the game, it is back to the tailgate to eat, celebrate and clean up. After a long day you head home and spend some extra time with the family before bed.

If you are like most people, myself included, planning days out that you might enjoy is a regular occurrence. However, what about just any other plain and simple day? Is there strategy for regular days…is there a plan for each day you are alive?

Each and every day is another day that passes us by. Time is limited. Are you letting them pass you by or are you purposefully living each day out based on your strategies? Do you have a strategy or purpose in life? If not, I suggest you spend time thinking about your purpose first? Then find a way to create a strategy to accomplish your purpose?

The daily strategy is key to success. Anything and everything you want to accomplish or achieve in this life does not magically happen or occur out of randomness. Whether you realize or not, a part of your daily strategy played a role in where you are today. The biggest mistake though is losing sight of the daily strategy and/or not taking it seriously.

If you are like me…and I would say most people, you have goals, dreams, visions and a purpose in life. And like me also, you have probably faded in and out of the daily strategies that have helped get you where you are today and are going to get you are where you will be tomorrow…or at least want to be.

Let me be clear and to the point now. Having a daily strategy is how you will continue to find or find for the first time the successes in life. Everyday has to have some sort of strategy to help you get one step closer to your visions. Without a daily strategy and focus, you must ask yourself this question, “Is this making me better or not and WHY?” What strategies are putting into place DAILY to get you one step closer to your purpose?

Gary Vee said is well, “It’s binary. If you are not moving forward, you are moving backward.” I take this quote and break it down to simply mean if I am not doing something everyday to get me one step closer to my visions, then I am taking one step further away from them.

Life does not give you days off. The earth does not stop for you, for me or nobody. With this I can pose the question:


Without a daily strategy, are you really moving towards your goals and dreams? Or are you just waking up everyday and going about your business hoping the stars will align?

The KEY to success is having a purpose and putting into effect a daily STRATEGY that will help you get there…where ever that may be.

The quote below comes from one of my favorite fitness entrepreneurs in the modern era. Check him out. His content and his passion has helped me to formulate plenty of ideas and thoughts and ways to find success in my own life. I wouldn’t feel right writing a post about Daily Strategy if I did not give credit to my inspiration.

“My DAILY strategy equals my success…”

  • Cory Gregory – MaxEffortMuscle co-founder, CoryGfitness.com CEO, activ8media.com co-founder, Old School Gym co-founder, co-founder and former CEO of MusclePharm, author of The Mindset Manual and “Entrepreneur or Wantrepreneur” (best selling audiobook on Itunes).


Motivational Video:


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