Daily Blogs

Beautiful Monday 10/3

Wake Up 4:50am

Workout: dog walk then 3min bike + 150ft lunges; Pause BS up to 205; Deficit DL 5 x 1 @ 225; bench press pauses up to 155; GPP work then lunges for 15min.

First day back full term in about two weeks. I did a little work last week, nothing crazy. I feel much better today. No nagging injuries. Trying to feel where I am at this week. Not trying to go overboard.

Food: I started anabolic fasting last Monday, which is fasting until about noon each day until roughly 8-9pm. I eat about 3-5 times during those hours. Larger meals mostly. I eat only protein, veggies and healthy fats for the first several meals, followed by carb spike at night. I eat clean Sunday – Friday, with the exception of Friday night. Saturday allows for cheating pretty much all day, while still fasting. I still make wise choices on those days to not stack up with heavy carbs such as pizza, pasta and a ton of bread and beer. So far so good. Will keep the log going.

12pm: venison back strap, grilled veggies, nuts

6pm: chicken, veggies, avocado

8:30pm – beef, sweet potato and peanut butter

Daily strategy: work on budget (i want to pay off debt and save sooner than later; make smart choices); work on blogging; food prep and few small chores around the house to make rest of week easier; study for teaching exam (at this point today I might not get much studying in; podcast catch up (fitness, business, personal development related); watch videos on MobilityWOD for today + CF gymnastics seminar (personal fitness development)

Motivation Video:



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