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Delay of Game

The past week I have not been so dedicated to the things I set out to daily. I honestly believe my life revolves around fitness and making sure I get a workout daily. Is that a bad thing, not necessarily. However, it does set the tone for how I go about the rest of my day/week/month/etc. The fact of the matter is if I cannot dedicate myself to the gym and eating clean around the clock, save for a few cheat meals, my life goes into a unbalanced state.

Three weeks ago I started to incorporate a purposeful fitness and mental challenge(s) for each week, on top of my current daily habits of fitness and personal development. First week went great and I accomplished what I set out to do. The second week started off well, but by the end of the day Tuesday I was delaying the game and out of by Wednesday. This was due to my voluntary approach to actually rest and let my body heal. Normally, if injury occurs I will work around the injury until I am back to health. However, this last time around was not working out so well. I wasn’t recovering effectively so I decided to take the rest of the week and weekend off. Five total days of no exercise, save for walking my dog.

The rest period put a stop to my daily fitness regime and my extra fitness challenges. Refraining from exercise also put a stop to my personal development habits and mental challenges as well. Part of this was also due to the longest stretch of job related work I have had in a long while. Between long hours over several days and no exercise, i bit the bullet hard. I delayed my fitness game, but I also delayed my personal development game as well. I had no reason to truly delay or shut off my personal development, but without the exercise routine I was lost.

I understand we all need a little rest and relaxation from time to time. Normally I listen to my body and work around any injuries or agitations I may have. Not too often to I actually completely rest. I do not believe in true rest days. The world doesn’t stop turning when it gets tired, nor does it care if I am tired. If I have a planned chest heavy training day and my shoulder is sore or slightly tight, I may change it up and do what feels good instead. I hardly just say, “well I can’t lift because….”, and then move on. This time around I guess I just truly needed it.

The problem though is how the rest of my life basically was on break as well, save from job related duties and some family time. No exercise equals no personal development and crappy eating habits. I am grateful this does not happen often, but I sure did learn something about myself these last few days. I need not to depend so much on my personal fitness that it affects the rest of my life. I need to find that happy medium, where I can find no fault in rest days (if I use them) and continuing my own personal development at the same time. I do not think it to be wrong or crazy to be so passionate about fitness that is consumes me, or at least appears to. I live it daily, it is my lifestyle. Fitness is also my career choice. It is my purpose. I want to build better humans through a health and fit lifestyle. I somehow have to find a way to do all of the above, even when my own personal fitness is not on track. Either that or I have to put my fitness on a track that leads to constant success in all facets. My programming is successful and my nutrition is a success, when I can adhere to it fully. My personal development is great and my ability to help others is growing by the day. When I fall off my own wagon though, I fall apart. I need to find that break even line where even though I am not fully together myself due to injuries or what have you, I can still achieve and pursue my other daily habits in full effect.

I am writing this to put my thoughts into words, thus allowing my thoughts to become real. This is my confession and my way to profess that I will put into motion the daily habits that will allow me to succeed over time. No matter what comes up in life, there should be no reason to completely not adhere to my daily habits I have set forth upon myself. If some habits do not work out at the time, I shall focus on others.


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