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Tues. 9/20 Grip is Going

Wake Up 5am – read 2 chapters of the “The Paleo Manifesto.” I have until end of this month to be finished with it. One book per month is my goal. Although I may have to switch over to audio books so I can read…or listen to more books over time.

Workout: Legs & Shoulders – only back squat up to 95# for reps. I can still feel the slight agitation in my knee. I also felt the sharp pain this evening while helping a guy at the gym bring his deadlift form up to speed. 10 min. lunges as well. I hit 112 pull ups over the course of the day for the grid pull up challenge. That equates to 250 in two days. Tomorrow, I should hit a higher number again due to back day. My grip and calluses are starting to slowly cause problems. Grip strength is good, but the gripping of the bar plus my normal routine amounts to numerous gripping situations. I also hosted a bench press contest today at work, therefore, creating even more opportunities to grip the bar.


  1. eggs and fruit/veggie shake
  2. chicken veggies and nuts
  3. beef veggies and nuts
  4. Peanut butter and banana
  5. Tuna salad

Daily Motivation:


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