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Weekend Recap + New Fitness/Mental Challenges

Saturday – Garage Gym Workout: bench and overhead press work then hit a CF blend WOD of: Rope Climbs, Sledgehammer Swings and Barbell Overhead/Front Rack Carry. Finished that up with 1/2 mile wheelbarrow walk with roughly 200#’s. Spent the early afternoon riding around in my dad’s Jeep. I want one now. It was so much fun just cruising around the city. Ate lunch and had a few beers at my dad’s local hangout spot. Then we met up with some friends to say hi and had a few more beers.

Sunday – tended to the yard and house; got a massage (tons of knots in my back causing shoulder tightness) and feel better. Spent the rest of the day watching football, cooking, did a little shopping and hanging out with the wife. I ate pretty much anything over the course of Saturday and Sunday.


Fitness & Mental Challenges for week of September 12 Update:

  1. Push-up Grid 7 day total = 1,418 push-ups
  2. 10 minute daily accumulation in bottom of squat – check
  3. Shelby provided my strengths and weaknesses – gut-check time
  4. Spend 20 minutes daily doing something I do not like – studied 4 days, did chores at work and home


Fitness & Mental Challenges for week of September 19 Update:

  1. 100 burpees for time – only have to do this once
  2. Death by Push-Ups – 1 push-up first minute, 2 push-ups the second minute, 3 push-ups the third minute…continue until you can no longer finish the required amount of push-ups within the minute (20 minutes = doing very well; 25 minutes = freak) – only do this once, unless you want to do it more often
  3. Personal Challenge (do not have to do) – Pull up grid for 7 days: this is similar to push-up grid from last week
  4. Mental Tuff – No Complaining for 7 days: every time you complain = punishment of choice (1 complaint = 1 burpee)
  5. Compliment at least one person daily – genuine compliments
  6. Write your name 50x with opposite hand (if you are ambidextrous, write in cursive or find a similar tough challenge)

MONDAY: wake up 5am and thought Shelby was going to workout, but she didn’t. We slept until 6am. I had a doctor’s appointment this morning so I chose not workout in the morning. I basically went to get a referral in case I need the orthopedic doctor to check out my knee, with regards to an old football injury that reoccurred.

Food Log:

  1. Egg omelette (kyle style), banana
  2. beef, veggies, avocado
  3. Chicken, spinach, nuts
  4. Banana and peanut butter
  5. Cucumber

Workout: golden era chest and back

Total pullups – 138 

    Motivation Video (my garage gym workout from Saturday):


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