Daily Blogs

Thurs. 9/15 Change Everything

Wake Up 5am

Change Everything (written in first person):

I am in control of my attitude and effort. I determine what I want out of my life through my actions or in-actions. What I put in, I also get out. No one else has the ability to do what I want to do for me. Through guidance and  mentoring, others can help. Only I am able to DO though for myself. If I am not willing to work, grind, or hustle for what I want to achieve, then only I am responsible for my shortcomings and failures. I have to be willing to change everything for my goals, visions, dreams and successes.

Workout: AM – Lunges 400m plus walk dog

PM – 200 weighted crunches, 30 ab rope pulldowns, practiced (kipping, HSPU, handstand walks, muscle ups = 7), hamstring curls, KB 1 arm overhead press

Fitness Challenge: Push-ups – 210…total push-ups so far this week = 729 ; Squat – 10 min.


  1. egg, spinach, onions, bell pepper, salsa omelet
  2. banana peanut butter
  3. protein shake
  4. tuna salad
  5. pineapple w/ cacao nibs protein shake
  6. turkey, broccoli, avocado            
  7. Chicken, sweet potato, peanut butter                                                                                                                     Mental Toughness Challenge: I studied again today for about 30 minutes or so

Motivational Video:


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