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Wed. 9/14 PUSH YOURSELF – Stop Killing Time

Wake up 5am

I have been hampered by a knee injury that sprung up again from years past. Originally, I displaced my meniscus in high school football. Sat out for two weeks and come back like nothing ever happened. Three years later I had some knee agitation and sharp pain in my right knee. MRI showed scar tissue inflammation causing some annoyance with the tendons/ligaments in the area. Decided not to get my knee scoped because the doctor said it was not necessary. Rehabbed myself for a few months and have been going strong ever since, if not even pushing myself harder. Eight years down the road and BOOM!!! I feel the exact same pain I did in college.

I do train hard everyday and have been for some time now. I cannot attribute it to my current workload or style of training. If that were the case the injury would have popped up a long time ago. Going to keep PUSHING until I see the doctor and they come up with a prognosis. Either way, I cannot be stopped. There is always a solution!


Overhead squat with broomstick practice (not sure where the line is yet for what I can and cannot do with regards to my knee agitation; and I can’t sit still and do nothing though, of course I did feel the pain doing just so; just feeling it out and trying to continuing PUSHING without further injuring myself).

  1. 21 – 15 – 9 of OHS w/ broomstick, toes to bar, Handstand push up practice (did a few first set but moved toward pike push ups for substitute)
  2. 3 set superset 15-20 reps each: banded tricep press down, barbell curl and skullcrushers
  3. Jog then walk repeat with the dog
  4. Nightly Abs (got these done in at work gym) – 200 weighted cruches; 3 x superset of barbell rollouts x 5, toes to bar x 5-8, vaccuum twists x 30
  5. Hamstring Curls 5 x 20 (little rest)

Fitness Challenge: Total Push Ups = 189 ; 10 min bottom of squat


  1. eggs and oats
  2. Dunkin Donuts – I was in the area (DD are new to area; i’ve only been once before) and wanted a coffee. They just so happened to have pumpkin donuts so I ate one…and a coconut topped donut too (it was delicious).
  3. chicken, asparagus, avocado
  4. turkey, broccoli, nuts

Motivational Video (TIME is your most valuable resource) & I truly believe in the message:




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