Daily Blogs

Tues 9/13 Limiting Factors

Wake Up 5am: did not get into lifting this morning due to stomach bloating and irritability. By the time I felt ready to go I ended up lunging 400m to save on conditioning later in the day. Read another chapter of “The Paleo Manifesto” and listened to podcasts. I also studied for teaching cert for about 45min.


  1. Bench Press – 205 x 3 (shoulder stability is coming back, but not great yet. If not for that the weight was fine).
  2. Seated Military Press behind head (earlobes only) – 115 x 3
  3. Supersets: Pullup & Pushup; 1 arm cable lat pulldown & DB chest supported rows; wide grip seated cable rows + cable face pulls + strict overhead press; toes to bar & cable ab curls + banded pull aparts

Fitness challenges:

  1. 10 min in bottom of squat
  2. Pushup Grid: today = 100 (kept it lighter due to chest day plus some shoulder tightness)


  1. Protein Shake
  2. Eggs & fruit/veggie shake
  3. chicken, asparagus, nuts & protein shake
  4. turkey, broccoli, avocado
  5. Apple and peanut butter
  6. Sweet potato

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