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Monday 9/12 GO TIME

Wake up 5am…read one chapter of The Paleo Manifesto while the wife was working out. Started to study again for my teachers certification today. I dislike studying, but had to put in some work or I will get no where if I do nothing. Finished listening and catching up on current episodes on BetterHumanology from End of 3 Fitness. Finally putting down the framework for a better me. I have started and stopped in the past a few times, but i finally realized it is an accumulation of several factors that will get me to where I want to be. Compound Effect in full term now. Daily habits plus time plus consistency equals compound effect or successes.


  1. Front Squat – got up to 135 before right knee triggered the pain agitation
  2. Deficit Deadlift – 1.5-2” for 3 reps at 272.5
  3. Superset: RDL + banded pull throughs
  4. Superset: GHR + GHD situps
  5. Lunge 400m

Taking on 2 Fitness Challenges this week, both are to be done everyday (M-Sunday).

  1. Push-up Grid – draw a grid and fill in the squares/spaces with push-ups done randomly throughout the day until all spaces are filled. Could be 3×3, 5×5, 10×10, it does not matter. Today I chose to do a 5×5 grid. Total = 230
  2. Squat Mobility – spend 10min daily in the bottom of the squat. Can be broken into as many segments as necessary.


  1. Eggs, bacon, fruit/veggie shake
  2. beef fajitas with asparagus and avocado
  3. Turkey, veggies, nuts
  4. Steak, peanut butter and banana

Motivational Video:


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