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Saturday – Challenged Accepted

Wake Up – sometime around 7am

I went grocery shopping after waking up. I have made it a point to shop for groceries and anything else for that matter early in the mornings, especially on weekends. The best deals are usually found in the mornings, but that is not the foremost reason I shop early. I like not having to fight traffic, lines and picked through groceries.

The wife and I decided to stay put today considering our recent travels these past two weeks. We wanted to go downtown and check out some new breweries, but the weather in Houston turned bad for several hours around lunch time. The Houston Cougar game was delayed several hours.

My dad is supposed to come over tomorrow and help me build 2 plyometric boxes while my wife is working at the clinic. Tomorrow’s workout will be light, mostly working on barbell cycling and mobility. I plan on watching opening weekend of the NFL, but if some of the players continue to sit for the national anthem I will not support such disrespectful actions. Freedom is not free, nor is it earned without sacrifice. America might have social injustice issues, but protesting the flag and the national anthem has nothing to do with social issues. Protesting the anthem and the flag is actually protesting freedom. The very same freedom that allows these overpaid morons to protest initially. With that said, I cannot support such actions. It is disrespectful to those have given their life for this country and to those who continue to put their life on the line.


  1. Bench Press – 9×3 at 155
  2. Strict Press – 8×3 at 75
  3. Superset  – Pullups & Ring Rows 3 sets x fail
  4. Superset – Band Pull aparts, barbell overhead press behind head, banded tricep press x 3 sets
  5. Challenge Accepted – Iron Mile (1 mile barbell walk) I came across this challenge yesterday and decided to try it today. The idea is to load up barbell and walk a mile. There is no standard for weight. I decided at first to choose 135 total, but quickly changed my mind after walking maybe 100m or so. I went down to 95# total after that. I only made it 1/2 mile. The hardest part of the challenge is actually holding the bar on back or in front rack for distance. It made me feel like a little…you know what! I plan on attacking that challenge at a light weight first. The walk is not the problem I had, but more so holding the barbell on the back was quite uncomfortable. I will try it again with a weight I know I can accomplish, trying to get used to the barbell being on my back for what should be a 30 plus minute workout. My challenge to myself will be accomplishing it with 135 one day.


  1. protein shake
  2. eggs and fruit/veggie shake
  3. few chips and salsa
  4. venison, veggies, pistachios
  5. almond/coconut milk



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