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Tuesday 9/6 Happy Birthday Mom

Wake Up: 4am (alarm set for 430am) so mad i missed my extra 30min.

I called my mom early this morning to wish her Happy Birthday. I must have been the first to do so because she almost forgot it was her actual birthday.

Workout: Incline Press 190# x reps; Strict Overhead Press 115# x reps; Superset (3): Wide grip seated rows x 8-12, Close Grip seated rows x 8-12; Superset (3): Incline supported DB Rows x 10, Arrow & T flyes x 5 each + serrano press x 5; Superset (2): DB pullover x 10, Pushups x 10; Superset (3): pullup + tricep rope pressdown + banded tri pressdown.


  1. Eggs and fruit/veggie shake
  2. nuts
  3. Salmon and veggies + nuts
  4. chicken and veggies

Chores around the house this morning. Trying to get the house in order after hosting the in-laws this past weekend. I’d rather get all my chores accomplished early in the week, or throughout the week, instead of procrastinating until the weekend. I had a busy day at work. Student life activities hosted a trivia game show today. We had basketball practice and sports conditioning class today.

This morning while doing chores I jammed out to The Newsboys. After watching God’s Not Dead 2 last night, I was filled with the spirit of the Lord all day today. I replayed the song “Guilty” by The Newsboys about a half dozen or more times. I can honestly say, nothing in this world can fill my soul and bring about such joy than the spirit of the Lord. Movies and music about God touch my heart and I become overjoyed. My goal is start reading devotions and biblical passages in the mornings. This way I can wake up to Jesus and start the day off right.

Motivational Video: music video of “Guilty” by The Newsboys (lyrics get to me)


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