Daily Blogs

Saturday = College Football

Wake up 530am 

ARE YOU READY FOR SOME FOOTBALL. Watching football games today. Waiting on the in-laws to arrive currently. Hoping to hit up a brewery with family and pup. Nice day to be outside. Rooting for the hometown Houston Cougars to upset the Oklahoma Sooners. 

Went grocery shopping before everyone else does. Early bird gets the worm. Grocery stores have more deals in the early hours. Went to Back Pew Brewery. 


Speed bench press 9×3 at 135; strict press 6×3 at 85 

Giant set 5x 8-10 each: 

Barbell rows, ring rows, rear delt flyes, skullcrushers

WOD: partnered with my bro Ryan 2 times through each: 

Partner 1: 1/2 mile wheelbarrow carry

Partner 2: AMRAP of 10 each: 

Tire flips, sledgehammer swings L/R, battle ropes (20-30). 


1. Eggs oats honey flax seeds

2. Fruit veggie shake, nuts, protein shake

3. Wifes bday German chocolate cake

4. Brewery beer lol (carb shake)

5. Cheesecake factory Super Antioxidant salad with chicken breast. 


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